Salt-Magick and Symbolism

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2016-02-24 21:23


   Salt...a key ingredient, for magick.  This prized delicacy can be seen as a symbol for life or something imperishable. This is because this is an ingredient that is used in keeping food preserved.  Salt, in Finnish lore and tales, comes from the God Ukko who ignired a flame of heaven which resulted in the sea having salt.   And from there on salt was considered to be something supernal.  The one thing that bonded Israel with God was salt, a bond of salt. An element that is in holy water is salt. This mineral has been seen has a true kind of fortification against evil.  However, spilling salt is considered bad as you imperil health and it leaves you open to an attack of evil. If you wish to correct the mistake, take the salt with your right hand and toss it over your left shoulder into throw it into the face of the Devil.  Judas, in the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci Such as when there may be salt used to protect a baby from a force of evil when the salt is placed in the cradle until they are fully protected by being baptized.  Beside Christian faith, there was a Goddess that was solely praised for salt by the Aztecs, this Goddess was Huixtocihuatl.  Praise would be given to her in the form of dance by salt-makers.

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