Elf Arrows

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2015-12-20 23:32

Elf Arrow


Made of flint and cut to a traditional, arrowhead form, Elf Arrows are believed to be an echanted weapon which proves fatal to anyone shot with it.  Depending on the country of origin, Elf Arrows are made by Elves or Imps.  If you are shot with one of these deadly arrows the only way to have a chance at survival is to dip the arrow into water, touch them with the moistened arrow, and have them drink the water the arrow was dipped into.

In England, Scotland, and Ireland, you will find these weapons are said to have been fashioned by Elves of Dark Arts status.  In other countries like Sicily, Italy, Africa, and the Middle East, the creationists are more likely to Imps or Imp-like creatures.

In some stories in the United Kingdom, witches bartered with Elves to obtain these arrows and used them as means of protection. 

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