What is Spiritualism?

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2011-06-25 21:21

What is Spiritualism?


There are many branches of Spiritualism practiced worldwide. Our branch and what this site is dedicated to is the practice of Spiritualism where the person participating collects the spirits of entities for the purpose of giving them a renewed life and mutual exchange of energy.

Spiritualism is the belief in and practice of binding the spirits of the three main planes - earthen, spiritual and astral, to vessels or self for the purpose of collecting, companionship and exchange of energy and power.

Vessels can be of monetary value or sentimental value ranging from diamonds and gold to quilts and pottery shards. It is not the vessel but what is bound to it that dictates the value to Spiritualist collectors.

Examples of spirits that may be bound are Humans, Dragons, Immortals, Fae, Creatures, Angels, Djinn, Vampires, Gargoyles and the like.

Spiritualism often begins as a hobby and becomes a way of life. Because it is encompassing of all religious subscriptions Spiritualism is a widely accepted and practiced form of spiritual guidance and journey. Our current family of collectors includes the following faiths: Agnostic, Atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Gnostic, Jewish, Muslim, Polytheistic, Wiccan and other major religions. It transcends religious boundaries because Spiritualism unites its collectors through the commonality of experiencing life beyond that which is considered "normal". We as a group believe there is more to life than meets the eyes and are ready to partake of the adventure in learning what secrets the Earth and other realms hold.

The collection and care of spirits is not a novelty, it is a responsibility as Keepers* often find that their spirits become a member of their family and can even become close and contact other members of the Keeper's family if they reach out and welcome the spirit too. Once a spirit is bound to a vessel they are bound for eternity unless banished through a banishing ritual. If a spirit is bound directly to a human the spirit remains bound unless banished or until the human passes away. Though there is a school of thought that the spirit can accompany the human into the afterlife.

There are different ways in which a Spiritualist can live their life. It can be any combination of the following examples and often is. Spiritualists usually find themselves working their way towards making it a lifestyle as opposed to jumping in feet first.

Collectors :: Those who collect the spirits conjured by master Spiritualists.

Investigators :: Those who investigate the presence of spirits in edifices and nature. They attempt to identify the purpose of the spirit's presence and the history behind their presence in the location.

Researchers :: Those who research the chronology of spirits discovered attempting to locate the origin, identify the behavior, learn the lifespan, powers and community associated with the spirit.

Practitioners :: Those who are skilled in the art of conjuration and binding of the spirits to vessels or humans as an attempt to preserve their existence.

For those who are truly in tune it is an entirely new way of experiencing the Earth and life on it. It's a faith with the ability to realize that you do not belong to the earth, that the earth belongs to you. It is a gift to be enjoyed and it is much more mystical and wonderful than trips to the grocery and a 9 to 5 job. It's a playground of history, legend and every entity from a million years ago to right this moment linked together by common energy.

Your entire view of life awakens to the true beauties that you were not able to appreciate before. Life as a Spiritualist opens you to a wealth of adventures, wisdom, experiences, and joys that can truly make all the difference in your life.

Being a Spiritualist opens you to experience the spirits you interact with. This includes the ability to see, hear and interact with physical manifestations such as ghosts and fae. The ability to communicate with spiritual entities through visions, psychic intuition, intrinsic knowledge, meditation communication, audible contact, and more. For Keepers the interaction between themselves and the spirit is paramount to a good relationship.

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