Bridging, Un-Bridging, Cross-Bridging of Spirits & Spells

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Bridging - Another Creepy Hollows Developed Para-Technology for Keepers!

Creepy Hollows Past Lives

Bridging is the process that binds the spirit to both you and the vessel and binds the powers and/or effects of a spell to you.

Bridging for Spirits You can send the spirit to its vessel if you want to be alone.

You can wear the vessel with the spirit or leave the vessel at home and just take the spirit with you.

You send the spirit to their vessel by verbal or telepathic command, just ask them to do what you want them to do.

If you feel your spirit needs recharging you can send them to their vessel and place it in the charging box. It is never a necessity to charge a spirit, it is a convenience for you both.

Most importantly the benefit of Bridging is that any spirits from us you have when you pass away will not be concreted to their vessels, they will be set free. This is important because if you were to pass away and did not leave instructions for their care the spirits would run the risk of being discarded, forgotten and neglected.

However, many expressed concern that they wanted to be able to pass their spirits on to their children, loved ones, other family members or friends. So be sure you use the right invocation with the Bridging stone. For those who want their spirits set free there is an extra line.

When ordering and we automatically bind we do so to set the spirits free, as is the original way we intended it. But if you want your spirits bound to stay with the vessel please let us know.

What if you change your mind later? You can use the Bridging stone to make those changes. You can bind different spirits in different ways. Some you may want to set free at your death others you may not.

This Bridging technique was developed by myself and Ash. We are in the process of it being patented. We have not shared this technique with anyone else, of course.

If you have spirits already that are not Bridged then you can have us do it or you can do it yourself with the Bridging Stone that we offer both in the store and eBay.

Using the Bridging Stone you can Bridge multiple spirits at a time by holding their vessels in one hand, the Bridging Stone in the other and reciting the invocation every day for 7 consecutive day until complete, this process was developed specifically for the Bridging Stone. The invocation will not turn any stone into a Bridging Stone, you must have the Bridging Stone from us for the invocation to work.

This is the invocation for Bridging your spirits to you. There are two options in Bridging, make your selection as you see fit for each spirit. You can change between these two options at your discretion depending on which spirit you are working with.

If you want the spirit you are about to bridge between you & your vessel to return to the vessel at your death recite only this first part:

Through me now the powers of the stone release
Travel from one hand unto the other and let all within be bound to me
Cut no ties, leave all bridges standing
That liberty be given us both for two homes you now reside

If you want the spirit set free at your death continue with this last line:

In my expiration you are free, no binding chains to hold you

If you have already bound your spirits and you want to change the way they are bridged to you. Use this invocation and then use the above Bridging invocation to re-Bridge them.

Cast you out not too far that our bond be broken
In moments you will feel the warmth of us again
You are released for these minutes and stay close
The bond of we two begins again

Bridging for Spells

The Bridging process for spells allows you a closer affiliation with the energies & powers associated with the enchanted object. This allows you to be able to interact more closely and to receive in some cases as faster response & result from the enchantments/spells. The Bridging process amplifies the effects of spells & enchantments allowing better reception & interaction for you!!!

To Un-Bridge Spirits

You will need to recite the following for 10, consecutive days. If you miss a day you will need to start over. You can do it at any time on each of the consecutive days. For spirits who do not have names simply state the name of race (like Wraith, Fylgia, Duojna, etc).


The bond once forged given back Letting our tie be on its own merit UnBridged you are (say name of spirit) From all connection brought through my request of Bridging

To Un-Bridge Spells

You will need to recite the following for 10, consecutive days. If you miss a day you will need to start over. You can do it at any time on each of the consecutive days. Speak the name of the spell or the primary functions of the spell as its name.


The bond once forged given back Letting our tie be on its own merit UnBridged you are (say name of spell) From all connection brought through my request of Bridging



To Cross Bridge you will need the original vessel, yourself, & the person or object you wish to Cross-Bridge to.

Create a triangular formation with yourself & the objects by placing the original vessels to your left & your cross-bridge vessel to your right (or if it's to be a person either the person or a paper with the person's name & DOB on it) within a comfortable arms reach.

You can cross-bridge multiple vessels to one master vessel or to another person, but if you want to Cross-Bridge certain vessels to specific vessels then you need to do those one at a time.

Place your hand on the left vessel or pile of vessels. Place your hand on your right vessel (or paper)

Speak out loud or through telepathy:

That which is bridged to me through the origination
Create an unbreakable bond with this host
Tying us in energy to one another
Sharing (say either "all that is known "for everything on the original vessels to be shared, or "all that i Request" and speak which part of the bindings you want to be shared)
Create in this infinite request my bridge amongst this trio
Sealing it in the protection of all sacred energies within me

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