Haunted Houses - Lakey's Creek

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2011-07-23 20:50

What's the tale? Mr. Lakey gave his name to the creek that ran near the site of his new cabin home. Now there is a street that passes over the stream but long ago it was the location of Mr. Lakey's home. The cabin was nearly completed and he had only to lay clapboards. Several travelers the night of his death reported seeing him near his home working steadily. Early the following morning Lakey's torso was found propped against a tree stump and his severed head found a few feet away. Lakey's broadaxe was the murder weapon and his abrupt murder sent a shockwave through the community. Lakey was a kind, simple man who was a poor as a churchmouse. He had no enemies and his murderer and the motive were never discovered. The townspeople buried Lakey next to his never completed cabin. But! Lakey did not lay to rest. The night following his burial two men riding home near the Lakey cabin nearly reach Lakey Creek when they saw a headless man riding a black horse. The men were scared stiff and tried to gallop away from the headless ghost but no matter how they spurred their horses they could not get away from the specter. Later they admitted it did not seem the ghost was trying to be antagonistic but rather reaching out to them. Eventually Lakey's beloved cabin was demolished and made way for civilization and concrete bridge crosses Lakey's Creek. To this day Mr. Lakey's ghost haunts his beloved parcel of land and his creek.

What do we know as fact? Very little. This is another story passed verbally which means there is probably factual basis in the haunting tale but it was lost over time.

Thoughts: It is rated "undecided" because we don't know where the location is and therefore cannot verify the haunting. It is likely a true story but it can't be proven.

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