Picatrix - Arabic Magick Book

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2016-01-25 23:37


The name given to the large Arabic book of magick around the 11th century is Picatrix.  However, this book of magick Islamic tradition has a lot in relation to the early Greek Hellenic period.  This book was quite the famous study of scholars during the Renaissance. One such thing that is popular today that came from books such as Picatrix was ‘your lucky birth stone’.    However, during the Renaissance, this book was rare to see simply because of the fact that it was only a handwritten piece of art until printing was available.  Although printing was available to Picatrix in Latin, it never was printed in even after the times of The Roman Empire because the name of the book was tainted and considered corrupt. So, it was never printed in any modern language until the 1960’s. This book however does contain a great deal of knowledge of cosmology, astrology, and other things of the sort.


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