Early in time, during the dawn of man there was a flood that consumed the world. Cities drowned and humans could not find shores for safety. Those fortunate to have boats could sit out the destructive flood and wait patiently for the Earth to return to normal. When the flooding ended, Yahweh said he would never flood the Earth again and used a rainbow to keep this pact. Whenever a rainbow shines in the sky after a downpour or storm it’s a reminder to all that a flood will never consume the Earth again. This is the Christian story about the symbolic and radiant rainbow. There are other stories about why rainbows exist such as the idea that a rainbow is a spirit. It was believed in the Kaitish Tribe that a rainbow was the son of the rain and would often cause droughts so his father wouldn’t fall from the heavens. One belief, originating from Burma, contrasts starkly from other ideas and other mythologies and religions. The Karens had the idea that rainbows were malevolent and evil demons that would destroy humans. Zulus affiliated rainbows with snakes and were feared. Such fear struck deep as some men wouldn’t bathe in a pool that was “touched” by the rainbow as it came down to Earth. To other faiths the rainbow is just a structure used for transportation. A minority of Polynesian people at one time believed that rainbows were just ladders and heroes would climb them to reach heaven. Bifrost was a bridge that linked heaven and Earth together. The bridge was made of the three elements and bright colors. The Gods would use this bridge to visit Earth often. Valiant warriors could also cross this bridge but only when guided by a Valkyrie. Malignant creatures and monsters would attempt to cross the bridge but under the defense of Heimdall this until the world ends.

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Creepy Hollows
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