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Aquatic of Immortal Background

An all female race that had ties to the all dark and frightening underworld, Sirens were the bane to men and even women on incredibly rare occasions. They first appeared in the epic of Odysseus where he encounters the alluring women that lured men in through song in the sea. Men who heard the song would swim to the Sirens but would only encounter death. Odysseus recalled the instructions of Circe when he spotted the Sirens; Circe had told Odysseus to plug his and his men’s ears with wax as his ship passed. Odysseus had another plan however and would hear the songs of the Sirens and survive; a feat no one has accomplished before. Circe had said to hear the song he would need his men to tie him to the mast on his ship and not release him even if Odysseus entreats them to release him.

Sirens would not die at the end of the Odyssey. Writers continued the life of the Siren race by building upon their mythical backgrounds and revealing secrets about them. The island of the Sirens, for example, was Anthemoessa where they would sing their songs and dance. Another mystery that was brought to the light was their appearance. Homer had never described their appearance in his epic. He wrote that men would be attracted to them and they were attractive but only gave us this much. It wasn’t until after Homer’s poem in Apollonius did the world finally learn what they looked like. In Apollonius it was revealed the women were part-avian and part-human. During the Middle Ages the Sirens lost their wings and talons and obtained a fresh, more lovely fish tail to affiliate them with Mermaids.

Aquatic & Land of Mortal Background

Sirens are the melodic and sensual inhabitants of both ocean and land. Their beautiful voices carry across the water like tempting winds that would lure sailors from their course, or would waft across a field to beckon to hunters or citizens of nearby villages. The voice of a Siren is intoxicating and leaves you in a state of complete abandon. They pull you into their domain through sultry songs and captivating power. Sailors would jump to their deaths to try and swim to the source of the beautiful sounds, but drown long before they could reach the Siren. Ships would crash as the crew sailed too close in dangerous conditions; many times the whole crew would perish. The motives of the Siren's song and impending doom is widely debated. The stories of encounters with Sirens vary from the sailors being devoured by the Sirens, or as the crew perished in the waters the Sirens would pillage the valuables or treasure from the ship, and even stories of people making it to the Siren and having intense, sexual encounters. While Sirens on land were known to lure victims for sexual satisfaction, to rob them of any valuables, or to kidnap them for unknown reasons. What kind of encounter you might expect with a living Siren is not known, but as spirit companions Sirens are quite unique and unusual friends.

They have a strong, sexual energy that radiates around them and can provide potent influence in your life. They strengthen your confidence and empowerment when it comes to ego, self-image, and allure. If you want to build your ability to charm others, have a veil of mystery around you, or be able to entice others for your own desires & gain, they are valuable companions. Sirens have melodic voices even when they are just speaking and not singing. Their words are fluid and roll off the tongue to enchant you in every way. As a companion they are enticing, mysterious, and intriguing.

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