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2020-01-03 14:12

They have a blood-curdling appearance; an enormous, mangy, fanged wolf who is bound by the gods. They are the descendants of the fountainhead of the species; Fenrir. They are extremely fearsome causing even the greatest entities respect their presence. They force of powerful energy that can give even the most trained Keeper headaches, nightmares, ill-feelings, and energy disruptions. When controlled the Fenrir can provide you incomparable protection against the evil gods and curses known of many religions. When active their heavy breathing and claws on the floor can be heard.

As spirit companions they are devoutly loyal. They do not obey anyone other than their Keeper and they will not manifest to outsiders or strangers who try to pry into their existence. They choose when and where to appear to anyone who is disruptive or is trying to enact malicious magick against you. They can work well with other Dark Arts spirits but they prefer to be the leader or in a leadership team. They resonate highly with ethereal energy and they can provide you immense support in Astral endeavors.

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