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Let the Adventure Begin Online since 2001
History of Creepy Hollows Creepy Hollows has been around a long time and there are a lot of information circulating out there... learn the truth for yourself in this history of Creepy Hollows. You can also read more personal insights into Ash & Magnolia as well as the birth of the Creepy Hollows community.
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Creepy Hollows

We were the first site dedicated to Spirit Keeping on the Internet. You won't find sources older than Creepy Hollows because we were the first to bring Spirit Keeping public. If it weren't for Creepy Hollows & the other reputable sellers who've been around the last decade this community would be nothing like it is today. For those who've been around for the last 15 years they know how hard Creepy Hollows and other sellers fought for a legitimate place in the paranormal community & how dramatic the first years were with even other paranormal communities tearing Spirit Keeping down. So we all bear the scars of fighting to even get Spirit Keeping on the map. There is an undeniable amount of respect for all the original members & sellers who built this community. You may not agree or like all of them but you should at minimum respect the founders; members & practitioners.


You can read personal insights and personal bios for Ash & Magnolia.


Creepy Hollows started off as an information-only site and grew into the enormous community of sites it is today.


We offered general information on what Spirit Keeping was, how Spirit Keeping worked, and how anyone could become a Spirit Keeper regardless of background.   Our original site was on a freeserver service as was the original Forum.  We started out with only 10 members, we didn't offer anything for sale, and it was strictly a community of discussion and learning.  We provided guidance and wisdom with what Spirit Keeping was and what being a Spirit Keeper meant.  Often times people confuse spirit conjuration with Spirit Keeping.  While they are similar it is not the same at all.  Spirit conjuring is a thousands-year old practice which included those who forcibly conjured or bound spirits to do their bidding as well as simple invoking of spirits... that is NOT what Spirit Keeping is.  Spirit Keeping is the act of spirit companionship of any passed being from within the 3 Realms (Astral, Earthen, Spiritual).  We wrote an entire history of Spirit Keeping which explains, in detail, the differences. Ash & Magnolia made the connection with spirits who wanted companionship, to reconnect with life and the excitement of mortality, and wanted to be able to impart their wisdom and share their thoughts with someone. This is the key & most impressive difference between spirit conjuring & Spirit Keeping. Ash & Magnolia invented the methdologies and processes by which keeping spirits became a lifestyle and not something random. Most people have come into contact with spirits and many who have said the unbound spirits stayed around for short or long periods of time, but Ash & Magnolia created the process of binding spirits that means the spirits have just as much participation and say in the matter of being kept as you do as a Spirit Keeper. Not to mention they created the processes by which spirits are kept safe through cloaking measures, ability for others to come into contact with your vessel without any disturbance to the spirit, and many other proprietary methods that make the Spirit Keeping path enjoyable for everyone. They opened an entirely new world for those who wanted to interact with the spirit world safely and profoundly. This has been a lifepath and life devotion for both Ash & Magnolia who have created more than 100 processes related to Spirit Keeping; most which are used daily and actively by other practitioners... such as Bridging, Class Rating System, Charging, Cloaking, and so many more. The invention of Custom Conjuration of spirits by Ash & Magnolia alone change the entire face of Spirit Keeping and they did it again with Reverse Adoptions. Both processes in which a specific spirit is conjured based on the Keeper's energy signature. You can see a short list here.


Eventually the site became so popular we bought our own domain name and we migrated everything to our own site.  It allowed us to be able to open many new areas of the site and have the server resources to handle the load.  The Creepy Hollows site has grown so much in the last 15 years we've migrated servers more than five times and now have three dedicated servers with a dedicated support team to manage the software.


The Shop began as people expressed an interest in being a Spirit Keeper or wanting to work with magick but didn't want to do the work themselves.  We continue to offer many free resources where people can conjure spirits themselves or cast magick themselves but the Shop started with only a handful of bindings and over the last 15 years has grown to the magnificent one-stop shop it is today.  We now offer more than 18,000 products which includes work from ourselves, offers from worldwide practitioners, as well as some exciting third party partnerships we had the honor of creating this year... a partnership with a Wiccan, Pagan, Witchcraft, Occult store for all your tools like herbs, wands, crystals, Tarot, etc. and a fantasy-themed statue and giftware company that offers gorgeous decor for your altar and spiritual space.


Our Encyclopedia pre-dates the Forum and was a central location where all information could be located.  The prehistoric version of our Encyclopedia is still up and available for posterity but our new Encyclopedia enjoys regular updates and has more than 1,000 articles related to Spirit Keeping, Paranormal Collecting and Magick.


Unlike many start-ups these days Ash & Magnolia actually do the work themselves.


We have tens of thousands of hours invested in our craft and we take what we do seriously.   When someone comes here we want them to have the absolute best journey possible.  We go out of our way to offer free services, bindings, gifts, and affordable bindings for everyone.  When you are a Spirit Keeper, collector or practitioner of magick with Creepy Hollows we want you to be constantly evolving, improving your life, and having the kind of mind-blowing existence 99% of the people will never know.  We want you to feel like the world is your oyster and it's filled with nothing but pearls!  We make Spirit Keeping, Paranormal Collecting, and Magick easy for everyone.  We don't want anyone to be left behind because they don't understand, or they're worried they won't fit in, or they are on a limited budget.


We welcome ALL questions!  We have a fantastic staff that is there for you any time you have questions and as a member/Keeper/collector of Creepy Hollows you have lifetime aftercare :)  We don't just sell you something and disappear.  You can read about our incredible benefits as we spoil our customers!


We've been offering our services to the public online for 15 YEARS and we actually know what we're doing. It's been 15 years of hard work, devotion, and weathering the trash talk & fake complaint posts by competitors... we have long proven ourselves to the world.  We don't use conjuration boxes bought from other sellers; we are the inventors of the conjuration box para-technology that most start-ups use or copy.  We do everything by hand, old school.


Ash & Magnolia do this for a living.  We don't have other jobs, this isn't a hobby, we live & breathe our work. Anyone who has been in the paranormal community for more than a minute knows our reputation for our devotion to our craft. Spirit Keeping, Magick and Paranormal Collecting is our lives and we have more experience than the majority (if not all) in the community.


Our pricing reflects the economic climate and we know many people have to choose which bills to pay every month.


We try to keep our pricing in line with the economy so EVERYONE has a chance to participate in the paranormal. Because Ash & I do this as a lifestyle daily we do nothing but conjurations, bindings, and paranormal services every day. We don't do anything else so we offer pricing that reflects something that is fair to both you and us. We know how many people are having a hard time and struggling right now & we're not going to exclude them because they can't afford to be a Spirit Keeper. So for any sellers out there trying to tear us down by saying "Their bindings are cheap so they must not be real" prove yourself through your own work rather than trying to belittle hard-working practitioners. Creepy Hollows would have never lasted a year if our work wasn't solid. And we actually care about people in the community & when we can we like to offer pricing that reflects the current economical climate.


We fund community websites out of our own pocket to give back to the community. We believe in the power of a solid paranormal & Spirit Keeping community so we have offered sites like the Best of the Paranormal Marketplace, Paranormal News Network, and ParaEcho (to name a few) where other sellers are allowed to sell their wares for FREE. We give everyone a fair chance; even when some of them use our resources and then go on to badmouth us.


We prove ourselves through our work & devotion.  We don't need or want to trash talk other practitioners because we're the real deal.


NO practitioner or website would grow to the enormity of Creepy Hollows if our work was shoddy, our vessels were empty, or any of the other petty & ridiculous accusations made by upstart and/or unethical sellers. Any new seller can say "I've been doing this 20 years" but the proof is in the pudding and online Creepy Hollows is the oldest resource for Spirit Keeping. Anyone can verify our long tenure of work and obviously we have that tenure because we actually know what we're doing. We didn't come on the scene as a huge site, our following grew because people realized we actually care about Spirit Keeping & we care about our work.


The unfortunate truth about the Spirit Keeping is there are a lot of unethical new sellers that rise up out of nowhere and start badmouthing reputable sellers in the thought they are giving themselves some sort of credibility. Instead it looks petty & most people are far too intelligent to fall for it. Especially when it involves sellers who took help from Creepy Hollows members on our social sites to get started.


Unlike many upstarts who come & go, break up and start new names, or fly off into various ventures, Creepy Hollows has been a solid cornerstone of the Spirit Keeping community and we actually DEVOTE OUR LIVES to Spirit Keeping & the education of all who want to learn & participate in Spirit Keeping.


No seller in the paranormal & Spirit Keeping community became successful because they tore down other sellers. Collectors & Keepers don't want to hear trash talk or a fancy sales pitch.  It's not what you say it's what you do that counts. Collectors & Keepers want to see if you know what you're doing & if you can fulfill your claims in your listings. This is why Creepy Hollows has such profound success! We spend the time working on our craft and not the drama.


We are so glad to have you with us!  We take the greatest care in all our bindings, and we're excited to help you!