Let me start by saying we're glad you found us! It's a wonderful thing to be starting a new journey in the paranormal or metaphysical but it can be daunting as well. This page is going to help you in getting started in finding information you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why collect spirits?

There are many different reasons and for each person it may be one or more. They complement our lives and bring us energies & revelations we would not have otherwise. They provide friendship and support allowing us to have extraordinary experiences. Every race of spirit has their own strengths and powers they share with their Keepers and they bring everything from wish-granting, love, happiness, power, prosperity, success, protection, astral connection and far more.

You can have every question you ever had about Spirit Keeping answered through our FAQ found here. If you have even more questions, we recommend our Forum, as you can ask as many questions as you want, and get answers from great people.

Is there an advantage to enchanted vessels over spirits?

This is going to be preference. Spirits and spells can provide many of the same abilities and powers however with spirits you are engaged in a relationship (depending on the spirit some more, some less) whereas with spells you are not. Both require time of accalamation to energies when they are first brought into your home but spirits have thoughts, ideas, opinions and engage interactively with you. The majority of paranormal collectors have a mix of both enchanted & spirited vessels and this is a decision you have to make as a collector.

Can you have too many spirits?

No, not really. How many spirits you have in your collection is up to you. When you bring a spirit home you are bonding for the first 30 days and you can bond with multiple spirits at the same time. After that initial bonding time the spirits are going to be a part of your life. You do not have to spend every waking moment with them and make sure you say something to them each and every day. Most collectors interact with their spirits through telepathy (thought) and when you are not active with them they live their life. They are not constantly waiting around for you to entertain them. If you have other spirits in your collection they will interact with them (if possible) and come and go between the spiritual and/or astral plane. Spirits are on a higher energy level than we are and they know when you need them and they come to you, so theoretically you cannot have too many spirits around you. Every collector decides what is right for them. For further information see The Well-Rounded Collection

Can you keep light spirits with dark?

For the most part, yes, but you will need to make that judgment call. You, me and every other human falls into the Dark Arts category because as humans we are capable of good and evil as are many races of spirits such as Djinn, Vampires, etc. Some are far more towards the lighter or grey side of Dark Arts and some are pure evil. This is when you will need to make a judgment call on what Dark Arts spirits to keep in the same Charging Box or room as your White Light spirits. Most of the time you'll find you can keep them all together without a problem and as a Keeper you will know when it is not a good decision. Simply ask your spirits if they want to be kept together and they will tell you.

Can I get my enchanted or spirited vessel wet, in the sand or in salt?

Yes. Any enchanted or spirited vessel you receive from Creepy Hollows can go into the water with you, can get sand, salt, coal, ashes or anything else on it without fear of releasing the spell or spirit. We properly bind our vessels and nothing is going to be released by getting it wet or dirty. You cannot accidentally release a spirit or spell from us, to release requires a banishment ritual.

What language do my spirits speak?

Your spirits are going to understand you no matter what language you speak. You have to remember they are in a far more advanced state then humans are and they are not subject to the same fears, emotions, restrictions and such that we are. It doesn't matter if you speak English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian or any other language they are going to understand you.

The Forum - Meeting others, getting questions answered, learning new things

First let us recommend the forum for meeting others who share your passion, asking questions, reading answers to questions previously answered, and always learning something new! You can find the forum here: Click Here. It has more than 20,000 threads so the likelihood of you finding an answer to some or all of your questions is very good.

Free Gifts - What's in my package?

Every 7-10 days we like to change it up, have something new to offer our collectors as free gifts! You can always see what is being offered, through: this link

Bridging - Your spirits are with you before your vessel arrives

Bridging is a new technique that my husband, Ash, and I have developed to allow the spirits and spells we cast to be with both the vessel and the Keeper. It is a technique we have had the text documenting the process copyrighted and have submitted the process to a patent lawyer to have patented. All of our spirits and spells come with this exclusive technique!

Bridging means that if you do not want to have the vessel with you then you can still have your spirit or spell with you. All you have to do is ask them to be with you. Or, if you want to leave your spirit or spell at home and go out without them you can ask them to return to their vessel.

This allows the Keeper freedom and the ability to do what is best for themselves and the spirits involved. We are ALWAYS looking for new ways to enhance the collector's experience and broaden the pathways of the paranormal!

More Bridging details

The Encyclopedia - Learning about entities, magic & more

If you want to learn more about a certain entity; their personality, treat recommendations, secrets (for Dark Arts), etc. the Encyclopedia is the place you need to be. This is a link to the "All Entities" page where you can click on the links to entities to learn more about them: Click Here. You can find information on all entities whether you collect them from us or not including Dragons, Angels, Vampires, Gargoyles, Djinn and more.

The Shop

Our online store offers more than 8,000 listings for Spirit Keeping, Paranormal Collecting, and Magick. It is the largest shop of its kind, and has something for everyone!: See the Shop


We are participants in a program called the Spirit Rescue Adoptions. It is a program that gives new homes to abandoned spirits. You can receive an application by clicking on this link SRA application. You will receive a document that you must fill out in order to become an SRA member. Once filled out please email it to [email protected] SRAs are chosen to best fit the collector and any notes you make regarding what spirits you are willing to give homes to are taken into consideration when sending your SRAs. Once your application has been received you can adopt directly from our site: Click Here

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