I want to caution first if you are going to look into this haunted area that Interstate 71 is an extremely busy road. We do not encourage nor recommend that anyone park on the side of the interstate to investigate this haunted area.

It was the 14th of May in the year 1988. It was a day marked for a red moon as the spirit world waited with bated breath to welcome 27 new souls. A driver doused by a day's drinking headed the wrong way down Interstate 71... unaware he was about to cause a vehicle crash that would tie for 1st place in the entire United States for a 2-vehicle accident causing the most fatalities. A converted school bus carrying a church youth group from Radcliff, Kentucky collided with the drunken driver and the ensuing fire marked the death for 27 human beings.

Death is rarely a kind parting and when death comes to find a human in such an abrupt, horrific, terrifying and panicked manner the chances are great remnants of the human will stay behind. How they choose to stay is a horse of a different color. Sometimes when a death is cruel or unexpected the stain of human left behind can be an angry, resentful or confrontational spirit. Other times the spirit can be a mirror of the human once alive and mimic their disposition - being kind, gentle, sweet, funny, outgoing, stern, etc.

With this particular case the levels and types of energy from the spirits was varied from one end of the spectrum to another. There were sections where it felt like you were walking through a wet blanket... very dense, controlling and impeded your ability to function at a normal pace.

I felt a lot of different emotions all at once and the visions that came to me were quick and jumbled.

#1 - In one place about fifty steps behind the the sign I kept seeing this white rabbit. It was pure white and the emotion was that of a pet or perhaps even a favorite stuffed animal.

#2 - Approximately eighty-five paces to the right of the sign there was a feeling of anger, hate, resentment, and unfinished business. The energy was certainly an adult male. I kept having visions of some kind of sports car. It was difficult to discern what kind of car it was.

#3 - Across the interstate towards the middle there was an energy of sheer horror and panic. I was able to differentiate 5 spirits. I kept hearing these ear-piercing screams, my chest was tight and I could hardly breathe. I had the overwhelming feeling of panic. It was like suffering an anxiety attack.

#4 - About eleven feet up the road from the sign I felt emotions of confusion. I didn't feel upset or angered it was more a feeling of not knowing what was going on.

#5 - Approximately thirty feet down the road from the sign I experienced three different spirits. They were jovial and happy - they seemed unaware that there was anything wrong.

#6 - About three feet diagonally to the left behind the sign I had a vision of a golden retriever, a fully grown pet.

#7 - About eighteen feet behind the sign I kept hearing a woman say the name "David".

There is a great deal of energy surrounding this horrific crash and my heart and prayers go out to the family members of all the victims. It is a terrible and heart-breaking ordeal to have to bury someone you love. Always know that those who love you are always with you.

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