The lighthouse in Oswego is a place haunted by 6 spirits. They are somber, hopeful and ever-present.

The year was 1942 and Oswego was experiencing one of the worst winters recorded in Oswego history. The exact date was December 4th and 9 men set out on the choppy waters to rescue the Coast Guard caretaker of the Oswego Lighthouse who had been stranded there for three days. The caretaker had been cut off from the shore and had no means of self-help.

The freezing water and freezing temperatures caused ice to form on the retaining wall and the rocky waves of the disturbed lake smashed and raced over the wall. The Coast Guard chief had waited for the best time to relieve the stranded caretaker as the increasingly bad weather kept them at bay. The winds had been reported upwards of 65mph and when they dropped to 30mph the Coast Guard chief and eight others left on a 38-foot boat to rescue the stranded caretaker.

They were able to safely navigate the torrid waters and reach the dock of the lighthouse. The men helped the caretaker to the boat and two of the Cost Guardsmen stayed behind to be the caretakers. The men, believing their task was accomplished, left the dock to head back. As they were just out of reach of the lighthouse the engine of their boat died. The engine was their saving grace to navigate the rough waters of the winter storm.

The lake raged against the poor men and her mercy was little as a wave catapulted against the lighthouse sending the boat to capsize. Six of the men were thrown into the water while two were trapped under the boat. They were forced under and the two men were able to swim through the icy waters to the retaining wall. The lake's merciless tirade on the two men left them exhausted and they could do nothing but watch their six comrades fade through the frozen hell to their eminent deaths.

They are still with the lighthouse. Six souls waiting, watching, haunting the watery chambers of their graves. I had overwhelming sensations as I walked down the wall. I stopped when I distinctly smelled cigarette smoke. It was strong and there was no one else on the wall. The scent was so powerful it was as though someone were smoking right next to me. I sat on the wall and the smell of smoke subsided. The wind had strength behind her and it left a luke warm sensation around me. I kept hearing a voice and it sounded like it was saying the name "Jenny". It was difficult to determine as the voice was low and almost to a murmur.

I was watching the sunshine sprinkle the lake's lightly wavy surface with diamonds. It was a calm and breezy afternoon. I blinked and for a second there was a man right in front of me. It was just as my eyelids parted to open that a man dressed in white flashed right before me. He was in his mid-twenties or so. It was a flash and as he appeared the temperature around me dipped so drastically by the time my eyes were fully open again goosebumps peppered my arms and legs.

It was startling but comforting. I didn't feel as though he were there to impose any kind of harm or danger but rather to let me know, "I'm here". I didn't have the impression he was the one who had spoke earlier. I stood up and walked further down the wall when I was stopped by the same voice. It repeated the word or name that sounded like "Jenny" and as I walked further it said "be okay". It was sombering and the voice had such passion and strength behind it I was breathtaken.

There is an emotion and a sensation I can feel, as real as though it were a tangible object in front of me, when in the presence of spirits. It's like coming home but to a home I haven't visited yet. That may sound strange but it is an inviting and encompassing feeling that wraps around me like wind.

I was surprised to see there was no standing monument to the men who lost their lives in their heroic rescue effort and my heart and prayers are with the mens' families and loved ones. God bless them all.

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