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Paranormal Collecting For those who do not wish to undertake a world of spirits and magick the path of collecting paranormal objects is ideal. It allows you to be in the presence of haunted artifacts without having to become fully immersed in the metaphysical lifestyle. Haunted artifacts surround the world in varying intensity and creation. The most common haunted artifacts are telephones, doorknobs, mourning jewelry, and objects utilized daily by inhabitants.
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Creepy Hollows owns and operates the only paranormal-only auction house in the world.  We have dealt and worked with some of the most intriguing, haunted items with collectors around the world.  Because the practice of collecting haunted objects is not something most people want publicly advertised we take great care in the privacy of your experience from start-to-finish.  Keeping a haunted artifact can mean many different things.  Haunted items can change temperature, move without provocation, have phantom scents or voices attached to them, vibrate or radiate with energy, or exhibit a limitless number of various manifestations.


Paranormal Collecting is popular because it allows you to enjoy something haunted in your daily life without having to invest time in developing a relationship (as with spirits), or developing within a path (as with magick).  Haunted objects can seamlessly fit within your life, your home's decorations, your jewelry box, or even your outdoor garden.  People often incorporate haunted items like mirrors, doorknobs, antique phones, statuary, and other decorative items into their home without anyone knowing.  For those who enjoy smaller things items like jewelry, pocket watches, and gemstones are preferred.


The beauty of Paranormal Collecting is that anyone, of any age, of any walk of life, can enjoy the surprising addition keeping haunted objects affords.  For many people it is their little secret and sometimes their little joke on others.  Paranormal Collecting does not have to be an expensive hobby.  It can be something that provides you a cherished way to connect and live with the paranormal most easily.


You likely already have haunted objects in your home.  If you are someone who enjoys antiques from family, buying from vintage shops, or taking in lost objects, you most likely are in the company of a haunted artifact in your daily life.  They don't have to be outrageous to be haunted.  Haunted objects can have a phantom scent around them, consistently be a lost or moved object in the home, or otherwise display a subtle hint it is not normal.

























Paranormal Collecting 101 What Should I Look For? See Haunted Items for Sale

We are so glad to have you with us!  We take the greatest care in all our bindings, and we're excited to help you!