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Customer Loyalty Program Our customer loyalty program is second-to-none not only in the paranormal industry, but in any industry. We believe in life being fun, enjoyable, and exciting. We take great care of our collectors and we do everything we can to strive to exceed their desires in every possible way. We spoil our collectors in every way we can imagine and bring the excitement of a child's Christmas morning with every step in your journey with us.
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We're no fools, we realize a passion for the paranormal takes second to all the important, daily living expenses everyone accrues on this planet.  In keeping with our fun-loving atmosphere here we don't just have sales... we have epic, legendary, sonnet-worthy sale events where the discounts stack up like a money-saving totem pole!


We take very good care of our collectors and members across all areas of our website.  Our site has been referred to as a "kingdom" before by members and for good reason, our site is huge.  Whether you're a member of our Shop, Forum, Encyclopedia, Chat, ParaEcho, Paranormal News Network, or Marketplace we are responsive to your needs, questions, and desires.  Our staff, known as the Creepy Crew, answer all inquiries that comes through the Support link above within 24-48 hours Monday through Friday, and sometimes over the weekend and holidays.


If you're a collector in our Shop, you enjoy all the following amenities:































































Our sale events are something to write home about!  We offer discounts ranging from 30%-80% off throughout the year.


The best possible way to stay informed and never miss anything is to be subscribed to our newsletter.  See the sign-up box below to join :)

Member Discounts


If you sign up in our shop you will be enrolled in our Loyal Customer membership within 1-3 days.  This gives you a permanent discount of 20% even on top of sale discounts and coupons!  We know how to spoil you.


From that point forward all of our member discounts are reward-driven and you can reach a permanent discount up to 55%!  You can read all the details here.



We give out money-saving coupons every week!  If you are subscribed to our newsletter you receive a code every Thursday.  If you're subscribed to our text alerts you receive a code every Saturday.  On top of that you can look for surprise coupon discounts in your package or on social networks like Facebook and ParaEcho.

Free, Free, Free


Many collectors agree our Freebies are better than our paid listings.  We go above and beyond to give you the very best for free.  This includes brand-new bindings not available for sale yet, cool tools like crystal balls, runes, wands, etc.


Any order over $10 has a choice of over 1,000 different freebies you can add to the order.


We offer freebies at the $10, $100, $200, $500, $1,000, $2,000, and $5,000 levels.



We take your privacy seriously.  Your package comes in a plain, unmarked bubble mailer or cardboard box with an anonymous return address.


We know you may not want to advertise to the world you're a paranormal collector and we do everything we can to ensure your privacy.

Lifetime Replacement


All of the bindings you purchase through us can be replaced if you lose or break them.  All of the bindings Class 5 and above are replaced at no charge.  All Class 4 and lower are replaced for only $5.


This way you can always feel secure that no matter what happens, we can help you get your binding back!

Lifetime Aftercare


We're here to give you advice, support, or even be your cheerleader for as long as you're with us.  Any time you have a question, concern, or suggestion our Creepy Crew staff is here to help get you answers and resolve any issues.

Bonus Points


Every dollar you spend earns you one point, and there are listings in the shop that can give you additional points.


You can redeem those points at any time for free services or bindings.


We provide amazing listings for bonus point redemption.  Every dollar you spend rewards you on Creepy Hollows.

We are so glad to have you with us!  We take the greatest care in all our bindings, and we're excited to help you!