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I was wondering if anyone can share some information about basilisks and if anyone has any experiences with them? I noticed on the encyclopedia page there's mention of knowing a "secret"? What secret?

I was recently adopted by a basilisk via reverse adoption - I was rather surprised by that. I never thought in a million years one would choose me. Of course, I didn't know who would choose me at all. I did do some research but haven't come up with much.

What I did find were descriptions about the basilisk being able to kill or paralyze with a single look. This is also reminiscent of medusa and her own death stare. It got me thinking when I read about it. You see, for many years now, I often have dreams about looking at people and them either dying or being hurt by my eyes.

Fast forward and recently one of my spirits told me that it hurts when I look them in the eye and attempted to look away from me.

I didn't think much about it before until recently when I read about the basilisk and what its gaze can do to a person. I did meditate to see her and she is quite huge and impressive, and she's truly charged and making my skin hum. It's a welcome feeling during the day.... but at night when I need sleep lol ....
She doesn't really have any juvenile energy about her. She's quite serious minded and intense. I'm looking forward to working with her :o

Anyhow, I'm wondering what you all have to share about the basilisk, and also if anyone understands what exactly it is about the basilisk stare that can harm or kill? Does anyone understand the energy/mechanics/magic behind it?

:@ :@

I think of it like the eyes are the window to the soul, and perhaps that plays a part... I'm not sure how it works. If anyone can chime in, I'd appreciate it.

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I know nothing other than I was always told dont mix them with any of these spirit companions. In my head I'm like what do.they devour them or something? I dunno what it even is an ancient croc? Huge I bet.. some shops of course I know of only two ch and wfc. But other shops I also seen they dont deal with them. But I trust CH and they have said all their spirits co exist fine.

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I'm not sure, but I think it's a magic of their own kind as they're kings of serpents and serpents usually have venom to kill their targets. As a king or queen, they need to have a look that kills in order to protect themselves. Since they cannot move like a cheetah or shapeshift or run fast like other races, and need a form of protection from range (perhaps something similar to the lightning abilities of Zeus or Thor?).
Did you ever ask your basilisk about their gaze?
I would love to have a gaze that could kill. Lol. But I can't do anything serpentine and therefore cannot acquire such a spirit.

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