Advance or current knowledge of websites, sales, auctions or eBay listings paranormal & metaphysical sellers are offering!
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Postby creepyhollows » Fri Sep 25, 2009 10:03 pm

The Marketplace is open to sellers, practitioners, retailers & collectors of the paranormal. We waited to do anything substantial with the Marketplace until we could move to a server that could handle the traffic. We are now on the new server & we are gearing up for a larger invitation process to sellers, practitioners, psychics, etc of the paranormal to join the Marketplace. We will be paying for advertising for the Marketplace and cultivating it into a top-notch paranormal community.

Of course everyone reading this is welcome to join, create an account (it's free), buy & sell (it's all free) and collectors feel free to invite your favorite sellers to come & join the Marketplace. It gives them an alternative site to transact on and for those who don't want the responsibility or expense of opening their own site this is perfect for them! Everyone is welcome!

It offers all the ammenities available on online sites like eBay... auctions, fixed price, buy-out, about me page, open a store, auto-relist of listings when they sell out, set a duration time from 1 day up to 2 months, and much more!

Our goal is to make it a paranormal hot-spot and we rely heavily on the input, advice & recommendations of the collectors who interact on the Marketplace.

Right now sellers who advertise here on the forum generate anywhere between 20-100 clicks a day (depending on how much they are advertising) and we anticipate the Marketplace having a traffic of real paranormal collectors. This is a free effort to create an atmosphere with genuine sellers/practitioners/psychics & collectors who are passionate about collecting.

Feel free to cut & paste this message to sellers, psychics, practitioners, healers, etc that you know and want to join the Marketplace! There are absolutely no fees, no hidden costs, nothing. Everyone who gets on board in the beginning will enjoy carte blanche treatment.

You can find the Marketplace here:

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Postby SuperMotoBabe » Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:26 pm

Magnolia - Question about MP.

I had a bidder yesterday and I wanted to email her. I tried to click on her username but it didn't work. It was bold but you couldn't click on it. I had to send her a message thru the forum.

Is that normal? Should I be able to click on the name and send a message that way?

Thank you.

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Postby boadiccearose » Mon Mar 01, 2010 2:41 am

I have a question..... my Persian cat had kittens that are half Persian and half American long hair. Is it allowed to announce that type of thing asking for anyone in the area if they want to buy one. I don't like shipping them and I wanted to make sure that would be alright to put up before I put up any pictures or put up a serious ad.


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