experiment with the iOvulis iPhone app Feb 24,2011

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Re: experiment with the iOvulis iPhone app Feb 24,2011

Postby Divinita » Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:29 pm

bigbear1729 wrote:You haven't heard of Bachelors Grove Cemetery? It's supposedly one of the most haunted cemeteries around. Here's a little info about it.


I've been there a couple of times, but never really had a personal experience there. The most I got was a feeling of being watched. But now that I've started keeping spirits, I'm going to go back to see if maybe I can get something, either a pic or EVP, something!

And Resurrection Cemetery is best known for Resurrection Mary, a hitchhiking spirit. Here is a little info on that.

Next time I go by there, I'll have to get a picture of the bars on the front gate. As legend has it, either Mary, or another entity came up to the gate, and grabbed two of the bars. When the entity left, there was finger marks in the iron bars! The cemetery cut the bars out, and sent them to a metal shop to be fixed, and when it was done, they put the bars back into the gate. To this day, every time they try to paint that section of the bars, the paint never sticks.

perhaps i have heard of those places, after all. I read so many paranormal stories all my life, i tend to forget specific ones. ::facepalm::


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