tell us about your own different colour dragon character

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tell us about your own different colour dragon character

Postby berrelyn_88 » Mon Aug 25, 2008 9:09 am

hey pepople , would like those who had one dragon or many dragon , share your dragon knowledge here ...
tell ask your dragon colour
tell us your dragon dislike and like ...
tell us your dragon good at making your wish come true or other talent ?????
tell us what so special about your dragon....

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Re: tell us about your own different colour dragon character

Postby xXxClairexXx » Mon Aug 25, 2008 9:21 am

My first dragon is a blue dragon ^^
She likes celtic music and she likes dragons blood oil that I burn for her once a while.
I don't make wishes, but after keeping her, I tend to think the other side of what ppl are saying to me. Like when ppl are offering good stuff to me, then I tend to think "Ummm this person offers this but then he/she really wants this from me....".
She is special because when she first arrived, I had that click in my head that she is "the right one". I wear her necklace all the time.

My second dragon is a copper dragon.
She likes dragons blood like my blue dragon does, but she also likes the scent of coffee and chocolates. And I think she likes flowers and trees too.
I don't make wishes either with her, she helps me to concentrate when I study.
She is special because she likes to go cafe!! I LOVE cafes and I often take her with me there and we read books and do some study there.

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