Anyone do charity auctions?

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Anyone do charity auctions?

Postby btyelle » Thu Oct 30, 2008 4:29 am

I saw this some time ago but I'm too lazy to look up the link. there was an ebay guide about it somewhere and also ebay has a separate charity page where they tell all the hidden scary details.

Basically on eBay's charity auctions, if you sell something cheap for charity, ebay takes $5 minimum so you can end up owing more to the charity than the item sells for. Also 20% or so goes to ebay and the charity system out of what is marked for the charity so ebay isn't losing their 15% fees, but making even more.

And then fees owed to the charity are due in 5-10 days unlike 30-60 for seller fees.

Just saying it's a bad idea to use ebay's charity system for buying or selling.

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