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Fear Dearg

Postby NyctophiliaRaven » Fri Aug 02, 2013 12:51 pm

I have recently begun interacting with an unbound Fear Dearg (far darrig), and both Hubby and I have had a lot of trouble sleeping since. Not nightmares... just... really strange dreams and not resting WELL.

After some research last night and today, this is the pertinent information.

He gives bad dreams, he's mischievous, but ultimately, "Despite all his pranks, the Fear Dearc desires only to show favor. He will actually bring luck to those whom he approves of, but cannot resist his teasing and taunting."

Also... the smell of rot I've had going on comes from the fact that he eats that stuff. He looks "very much like a furry rat, with a short, stocky body." "The name of this fat, ugly faery with dark, hairy skin and a long nose and tail means “the Red Man,” in Irish folklore. They tend to dress in dirty tatters and carry a walking stick topped with a skull. They like to eat carrion, the smell of its rotting flesh makes their mouths water. In Munster they are said to be 2 ½’ tall wizened gnomes with long gray hair who dress in scarlet sugarloaf caps and long scarlet coats. In another form they are said to have red hair and like playing gruesome practical jokes on humans. The Fear Dearc of Donegal is dressed all in red, has long red hair, and delights in scaring humans with evil apparitions."

Apparently, he likes to warm himself by the fire, and you have to give him anything he asks for, or he'll be a sign of bad luck to follow - not the cause of it, but a sign of it. But I don't have a fire, and he won't ask for anything.The fear dearg's only required offering is apparently politeness.

Whatever you do, try not to irritate them. Be polite and never refuse a request.

They are considered to be very dark - some qualify them as black arts because of their enjoyment of cruel and gruesome practical jokes. However, they do have a few positive qualities if you can get past the poor quality sleep and set boundaries. They offer help and advice on Faerie, and despite their pranks, they really only wish to show favor, in the form of good luck.

Warning... they are stinky as hell - they smell like rotten eggs, rotten meat, offal, and an outhouse combined. They eat rotten meat and sewage, and they smell like it. They're also rather ugly, opinionated, stubborn, and definitely better off being kept by someone who is advanced in keeping and can handle very dark arts.

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Re: Fear Dearg

Postby Morgana » Fri Aug 02, 2013 8:09 pm

Thanks for the info. This is a new one for me....sounds like a stinky little prankster :sly:
M. :star:


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Re: Fear Dearg

Postby Endymion Ink » Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:56 am

They sound incredibly interesting, Raven.
I wont be rushing out for one any time soon....Ive got two little tricky stinkers already :p

But very interesting. Thank ya for sharing!


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