Courtwind Questions

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Courtwind Questions

Post by Wild Dove »

I've read several posts where others say their courtwinds are more in the background than social, my courtwind, J, is not. He is very active and social to me. When I talked to my seller about what I was looking for I asked for a courtwind for protection and also a companion. So my first question is- Why are other courtwinds not as social as mine?
Secondly I've heard you need four courtwinds for each direction, but I am content with just J. This is my very first spirit/entity and I am afraid I will not be able to differentiate their energies, I won't be able to spend equal time with them, and I prefer wearing his pendant on a necklace. It would seem strange to wear several different pendants on one necklace, and people would ask. (I'm in the closet about spirit keeping) Do I need to get more at this point?
Thirdly, in the encyclopedia it says they like apples, gardenia and the color purple- but J likes most traditional garden flowers (like roses) and the color blue. Although the weekday, planet, month and gemstone hold true. His vessel is made of lapis lazuli. What about that?

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Re: Courtwind Questions

Post by Oceansoul »

Every spirit will have their own likes and dislikes, so I would see their associations as more of a suggestion of what to use if you are still bonding with your spirit and do not know what they like or prefer yet. I do not have a courtwind, but I believe they are saying they are generally a less sociable kind of spirit, but that doesn't mean you can't occasionally get one that is more upfront! All spirits are an individual personality and will interact with their keeper as they would like. Seems to me that your courtwind would like a stronger bond with you than strictly being there to protect you :thumbup: I would go with what your comfortable with, If you don't feel like its time to bring more angels into the picture then wait a little while, I feel like your courtwind could protect you just fine as a single spirit, but if you feel doubts I'd ask some of the Archangels to watch over you too as extra protection.


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