Someone Please tell me if this is a Manifestation?

Tips and tricks for connecting and making wishes with djinn.
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Re: Someone Please tell me if this is a Manifestation?

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randomfactsqueen wrote:
phoenixguide496580 wrote:
Vortex wrote:Phoenix, did you get the watcher from CH ?
No, I received him from the Mystical Merchant. I have a few spirits from her and I've never been dissapointed, but he has just been way quicker to bond!
I have ordered for the first time from CH and I can't wait! I have already dreamed of my Phoenix!
I have an elf from the mystical_merchant, and she seems to not really want to bond. So I'm trying to give my watcher the 30 days and then get back to her.
That was the same way with my flower fae I got from her, then I got the overwhelming feeling to get her a friend, once I did, she has been much more willing to show herself as little blue orbs and flashes of light.

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