Are there WA Djinn?

Discussion of specific races of djinn.
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Re: Are there WA Djinn?

Postby Luminoire » Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:51 pm

Killa wrote:
In my personal experience muslims see this very one-dimensional and serious. In my personal experience muslims don´t recognize other spirit forms. They laugh at our spirit concepts...(I have been through it)
They recognize and accept Jinn and the rest to them is Sheitans misleading works, deceptions and illusions.
agreed, that much is true I've seen it many times myself lol. We have to keep in mind through the eyes of a Muslim their explanation for the spiritual worlds is more than just mythology. These are multi-dimensional beings that reside in a realm of existence parallel to ours here that participate within the mythological or spiritual framework within a persons mind(subjective synthesis) in order to facilitate the processes of communication, but first the person needs method to conceive of it, which in itself creates the 'medium' that establishes connection. That to them is a jinn, no matter what *it* really is. For me personally, the jinn theory is the most rational if we consider Dark plasma theory and/or Dark matter, which might even support it, in this way as some believe Etheric realm is distinct from Astral. I wouldn't consider all jinn malicious though nor would I consider "all"spirits jinn( that's Really for another topic) even some Muslims will say Jinns can be good or friendly from time to time, but really within the context of defining a jinn within the traditional background and history in the regions they were introduced then that means they really are all flat out DA. It turns complicated when we step outside of that.

Again, great post and very good explanation!
You also must have (had?) these levels of interaction or communication with muslims directly to understand. 7\
I had a closer connection to a muslim (muslims) for several years but our arguments about just this (Jinns and the spirit world) finally became so destructive that I quit and finished all contact. No compromising dialogue on this.
There was absolutely no understanding. I was constantly being told and suggested that I would be so wrong about my views and theories about spirits and that I would be so much mislead that I could not put up with it any longer. I even took a break from all of this because I was so confused. I used to have a Jinn back then but my friend was constantly passionatly reciting the Quaran over him in a very loud and strong arabic was insane from my point of view but my friend was ever so serious about it!!
It was impossible. I was really pi..ed off!
The Jinn was gone and I believe he went over to my former "friend"....He used him in his own interest.
In the end it was like: "Let´s agree to disagree" - because there is no sense in arguing about religious beliefs. (I don´t want to bring up the religious topic now, don´t get me wrong!).
Still, like I posted above and especially what Killa explained: Jinn are a race one should understand and know about in order to handle them properly. Personnaly I don´t think I´ll ever put my hands on them again.
I see them very differently to other spirits or rather entities and have seen, what believing muslims can do with them. :X

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