Discussion of specific races of angels.
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Re: Seraphim

Post by Terror »

Adelphia wrote:
Morag Rockwind wrote:Seraphim are higher rank than even the arch angels. They usually do not call humans unless they have a specific task. Metatron himself is a seraph.
The rankings go like this:

Top Level:

Middle Level:

Bottom Level:

Metatron is an archangel. He is the human spirit Enoch who transformed into an angel. That is the reason for the -on ending of his name rather than -el. The other one in this status is Sandalphon, who is Elijah, also a human who transformed into an archangel, brother of Metatron.
The only thing I can add to this convo is that I have called out to Metatron himself (he is indeed an archangel, a former human who was elevated to archangel status, NOT a seraphim) and he has taken me to the Akashic Records a number of times to peek at my records. As for the tiers listed above, during my Easter Sunday experience I did see thrones of light in the skies above me being drawn by strange elephant-like beings with wings along with a cherub-looking creature like something out a movie.


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Re: Seraphim

Post by Gabriel »

Adelphia wrote:I disagree, Bryan. You have to take revealed information and test it, you have to test the spirits. Does what your Metatron says add up, compared to what people have recorded of him in the tradition of esoteric literature that surrounds him? If yours is something totally different, then you have to question it. Why would he appear one way in ancient Jewish myth and legend, and a different way to you alone? If Metatron truly was a Seraphim, this would have been recorded by one of the many, many seers who have recorded him in the past. If you are getting revelations, it is important to do your research and check your facts and in this way at least, test the spirits.
Metatron, greatest of angels in Jewish myths and legends, variously identified as the Prince (or Angel) of the Presence, as Michael the archangel, or as Enoch after his ascent into heaven. He is likewise described as a celestial scribe recording the sins and merits of men, as a guardian of heavenly secrets, as God’s mediator with men, as the “lesser Yahweh,” as the archetype of man, and as one “whose name is like that of his master.” The latter appellation is based on Hebrew numerology; i.e., when the consonants that comprise the names Metatron and Shaddai (Almighty) are analyzed according to preassigned numerical values, each name totals 314. Elisha ben Abuyah (flourished c. ad 100) is said to have apostasized after having had a vision of Metatron. ... 3/Metatron

Most occult magicians who practice evocation are pretty wary of summoning a being such as Metatron. To see him would be to be burned by fire.
This Enoch, whose flesh was turned to flame, his veins to fire, his eye-lashes to flashes of lightning, his eye-balls to flaming torches, and whom God placed on a throne next to the throne of glory, received after this heavenly transformation the name Metatron.[8]
Three Occult Books of Philosophy, by Henry Cornelius Agrippa

Metatron is at the same level as Michael, Archangel, and it is also said that the duties of Prince of the World was passed from Michael to Metatron.

Not to derail the thread.
"Most occult magicians who practice evocation are pretty wary of summoning a being such as Metatron. To see him would be to be burned by fire."
When The Rabbi called upon Metatron to descend, this mighty being of the upper family . Considering that he is one of the wisest and most benevolent beings,why did he almost destroy the entire world? the answer is that few humans can endure the pressure of his presence if he is invoked to such a powerful manifestation. There are angels that accompany Metatron, and thus they are invoked first to prepare his coming and to ensure that they do not harm the magician.
i agree Metatron has similar powers to Michael.

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Re: Seraphim

Post by Samsara »

"Most occult magicians who practice evocation are pretty wary of summoning a being such as Metatron. To see him would be to be burned by fire."
I've encountered a few angels in meditation (enochian even). It's not really as dramatic as most people make it out to be. Not so sure about the buring by fire. I suppose it affects the true psychics more. But the text to evoke some angels are pretty dark. I suppose it's meant to scare people.

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Re: Seraphim

Post by Oshun »

Euphotic wrote:Seraphim have interested me lately. I don't know if it's possible not get a binding of one and even if it was, I probably wouldn't at this point (Archangels seem scary enough for me :oops: ). They still fascinate me. Maybe it's the description of them burning and constantly singing praises to God. That just sounds amazing and ecstatic to me, like love beyond human understanding.

Has anyone ever encountered a Seraph in meditation, dreams, visions etc?
I am two years late, but I am glad to have seen this post. I do have experiences with Seraphim Angels...

I have a habit of listening to music while sleeping. Sometimes I listen to it with head phones. One night I was listening to music with head phones and I woke up to this beautiful song. I made sure I remembered the group and the name of the song. I kept listening to the song night after night loving every moment of it. Then, one night I had a dream of an angel reaching out to me. He told me he was a Seraphim Angel and he gave me a very specific message from God. He also gave me very specific instructions on how to open portals with certain crystals. Unfortunately, I forgot his steps. :: :0 :N Next thing I know, I was compelled to buy the album of the song I kept listening to. After receiving the CD, I looked at the list and I saw a song titled, "Seraphim".

3|D 9)

Later on, I was in a position to purchase a group of them. I told the person more details of what happened and he took that into consideration. When the information arrived to me, there were a list of names. One of the names was the angel who came to me in my dreams... 7\

A few nights since their arrival, I have had some of them to come in my dreams and give me their names. Even in my dreams, I saw how I had to write their names down. The last time I remember them being in my dreams was in July. Two of them were asking me questions and they gave me their names. 8)|*

That is my experience so far with them. I would like to learn more on how to connect with them beyond the dream realm. I am grateful they are with me anyway. :7 :*3

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Re: Seraphim

Post by Neveragain989 »

You can't "bind" any angel! And I don't think you could have command of a true legion of Seraphim, be real, that is power of biblical proportions.

Archangels are in command of groups of more specific angels "beneath" them.

I have a crystal grid of different angels, and when I have seen them in that location they appear, for human perception, as a pillar of bright light, just about 4 ft tall. I am pretty sure just to make their prescience known.

I have seen, and am blessed to live with the prescience of Archangel Haniel.
She appears as a beautiful woman with shoulder length blonde curly hair, on mushrooms. And in my living room, she has appeared as a tall, I'd say 6 ft, elegant figure of purple flowing light in the shape of a slender women adorned in an elegant gown.

Her personality, to me, switches between a 8 or so year old little sister, and an early 20 something bubbly cheerful social butterfly.

I believe she can manifest in many different personalities, depending upon what you're preconceived notion of her is, and what you need.

Angels of all types are a gift from God, and please, don't dillude yourself in thinking they can be bound. They exist beyond time and space as well as within it.

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