I got a name!

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Re: I got a name!

Postby GothamNightingale » Tue Apr 07, 2015 2:06 pm

He arrived last night!!! Got home from work and there was a package from Magnolia West!!! 8)|* Wow I must say, Creepy Hollows takes a lovely store in presentation.. I mean wow.. lol Four lovely packages, little plastic bags, labeled, and stapled to a folded piece of good quality paper with a product description and a lovely parchment style background. (I got three bonus items with my gargoyle, woot!) I will be taking my Friday the 13th stone and my Pearls of The World with me to work today, along with my red jasper for health, my emerald and prehenite for love, my moss agate for strength, and my super duper purple and green flouride. <3 I like a sachet of stones with me I do.... I'm a stoner.. \D

And let's not forget my new.... "NECKLACE"... lol

I will say this though, the name isn't the same. I still have one more gargoyle coming though, so it may have been the female's name, from Third Eye. However, if neither of my gargs have the name I heard, what is your idea? an unbound? a hallucination that was totally random? I asked my gargoyle last night if he knew... *le shrug* me no no...

So hear this, please
And watch as your heart speeds up endlessly,
And look for the stars as the sun goes down,
Each breath that you take has a thunderous sound,
Everything, everything's magic...


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