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Postby Samsara » Sun May 17, 2015 7:28 am

Now on Netflix!

I curious as how your djinns will react once they see this movie. It kind of took a few people's experiences on this board and turned it into a Hollywood production of course. My djinns on the other hand may have not liked it. Not sure if it was because of the prayers or if it was because it was once again glorifying man over djinns.

This movie made me do some thinking. Since working with the weather, bringing random events to random seasons, it made me think about what a djinn really is and I think what they are is like an elemental being that work in the background to create or run nature as we see it. Maybe that is why books say they were first to run the earth, but later men started building stuff and became the center creation on a different level/realm. In a way, it currently doesn't quite coexist in harmony right now. So perhaps they are right to be pissed. But instead it is read as jealousy....

There was this scene where this guy goes through this test and sees himself but is actually the djinn which chases him. Which reminds me of a dream I once had, where I saw a true djinns face in the mirror but instead of running away I chased after him to answer some questions.

Made me think about how not all people react to fearful images the same way. I was actually in awe at the monster in the mirror.

Anywho check out the movie and comment!

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