Etsy Sellers Take Note: non-handmade/non-vintage crackdown

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Re: Etsy Sellers Take Note: non-handmade/non-vintage crackdo

Postby SilentMoon » Wed Nov 25, 2015 4:31 pm

Thanks for the helpful responses!

Aside from Iveta, my only spelled jewelry, most of what I had to sell were fixed candles and mojo bags--completely handmade--, and I had offered custom spell services (Etsy's rules are confusing; there are some shops left untouched. Admittedly this is likely what got me suspended).

Fixed candles and mojo bags are common on Etsy, but they told me I could no longer sell that as well. Apparently this might be the next round of stuff to get cut. They seem to be allowing readings, and I read about one person who was asked to change of their "spell kit" listing to read "blessing kit."

This irks me more because I had just finished my initiation and had new things to offer. I also have more work to do as I start paying for further studies and for my next step into full priesthood. But maybe that was a sign from my spirits that I need to stop giving Etsy my money!

I had only relied on Etsy due to the traffic. If they let my shop back up, I'll just keep it for rocks and readings. They allow readings now, but who knows how long that will last?

Good idea on the Fiverr. I was going to start offering 1 card video readings for $5 just to help get my name out more.

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