Being an Awkward Vulture

Got any neat tricks on how to connect with Spirits? Post here!
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Being an Awkward Vulture

Postby LadyWo1f » Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:24 pm

Any of you peeps know any, well, questions to ask people?

I know, strange question, but if you think about it, it's harder than what it looks.

I've already asked most of the questions I wanted answered, but I want more. I'm kinda in the dark here. I don't want my questions too personal or bland.

So, anyone a good conversation speaker here? What should I ask about? Interests, hobbies, possible career choices? I want to put thought into making questions before asking.

I can't ever go ask questions on the top of my head or I'll simply not know what to say or think. Also, I would forget what the answer even was perhaps.

I made my own pendulum chart with letters and numbers, yet it's a little iffy to operate. I made the alphabet in a circle in attempt to make it easier for whoever I'm talking to easier to communicate.

Long story short, I kinda had to squeeze it together, and make a complex number and letter system. If only I knew how to size and put pictures on this forum. Idk, even posting one picture on here seems complicated. Well, I post my stuff through my phone anyway. So maybe that's why also. Still, would maybe like to know sooner or later.

I illustrated a dragon around the alphabet, kinda like the ouroboros except not biting it's tail. Then I kinda made a dragons eye in the center of the circle with the main vowels (I'm sorry, my board is complex, too hard to explain without a pic).

I've wanted to make this little makeshift board fully operational, and I want my spirits to start actually being able to make word answers instead of yes, no, maybe and idk.

Any advice or questions to ask them? I know the variety of questions to ask spirits vary, but any simple ones to ask any spirit?

Thanks peeps/peepettes! 2sc

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Re: Being an Awkward Vulture

Postby Alys » Mon Oct 03, 2016 9:02 pm

I always start by asking them questions about what it was like when they were alive. So, on a 30-day bonding period, day 1 I'll have some very expressive oracle cards, ask "what was the geographic place you lived like?" and draw cards until I have an intuitive click. And so on.

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Re: Being an Awkward Vulture

Postby SpyderBite » Tue Oct 04, 2016 12:52 am

Wow. I was just jazzed to see my pendulum respond to my questions the other night. Can't wait until I can start getting more detailed responses as you guys are describing. I'm a long way out from that though.

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