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FenOL Ijuna Arts

Postby FenOL » Wed Nov 09, 2016 9:29 pm

Hello guys, I made a store on marketplace, please check it out :D
http://www.bestparanormalsellers.com/st ... ijuna-arts

actually I need more money to get protection spirits because my problem in this thread viewtopic.php?f=358&t=66593 if anyone willing to help, please order my arts :D

I want to offer you a digital artworks, maybe about your spirits or anything you want.
I can draw any creatures, like dragon, pegasus, human, etc. Mature content is okay.
I mainly do anime arts, but I also can do realist arts.
If it's about your spirits, I'm sorry that I can't see it but you can explain their description to me, and I'll show you the progress from the sketch step until the finishing step so that we can work it out together to be something that you will be satisfied with. And you can give the art as offering to your companions :D

I don't accept a revision after a step is done, example, if we already agreed the sketch and lining step, and I almost done with the coloring but you want to change the pose, I can't do it. But revision on specific step is acceptable, example, if I already on the coloring step but you didn't like the color then it can be changed.
Worktime is about 3-14 days, depend on the difficulty of the arts.

this is example of my works
-anime human-
-humanoid with creatures-
-realist arts human-

If you check my deviantart, I have my own price for commission there but I use special pricing for CH/BoP because problem stated above.

Please pay it a visit and hope it piqued you or your spirits interest ^w^ lol

psst... my fam said they don't want any public name so I guess I have to keep using their race ^w^

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Re: FenOL Ijuna Arts

Postby kebbrass » Thu Nov 10, 2016 2:45 am

FenOL, my fellow Indonesian, great artist, great drawing, trust her, and you won't regret it xD


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