Do you think it would be wrong?

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Re: Do you think it would be wrong?

Postby kindred » Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:56 am

i hope it is all going well OP?

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Re: Do you think it would be wrong?

Postby JennJen35 » Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:42 pm

I have a young girl that is with me and my spirit family who was 15 and murdered..It was in 1985 this happened. In California and she snuck out to be with her friends and after her friends left to go home 2 or 3 men kidnapped her and murdered her. I have helped her heal some since being with me..But now she wants to stay with my daughter and I to watch over us and protect us and my family plus home. I love helping the spirits that come to me, I found her on Facebook with another collector that couldn't handle her haunted doll. she said she was to much for her and her family. I felt a strong connection with this young girl. and she has been with my family and I since and has calmed down since I have helped her heal from the anger/sadness. We did a lot of work together and a psychic medium helped me too because she said one of the murder's were also attached to her vessel too which is why the other collector was getting poltergeist activity/demon nightmares. and soo many more things happening in her home. she got rid of the murderer and Claire calmed down 100% after..No more activity that was horrible with us either. we had toys fly at our dog, chairs being stacked like domino's, water droplets, nightmares too, Our neighbor's prescription glasses broke on his face while wearing them..He wasn't hurt but it freaked him out. Then we got rid of her murderer and the poltergeist activity stopped completely!!. Now claire will work with me through my pendulum, k2 meter, ghost box, Tarot, And I have her own journal that I keep all her sessions in to get to know her more and to have her story on file so I can go back to it when I need too. I would post some pictures of her but the picture url is not working for me today!!. :(
JennJen PS: If anyone feels a strong connection to these murder victims I say go for it, They are calling you for a reason. If You feel you can handle this type of haunted spirit. Most of the time they just need help and someone to be there voice for them and tell there story. :(

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Re: Do you think it would be wrong?

Postby Whyme » Thu Jul 26, 2018 5:11 am

What a good thread!

I thought I'd share this story.

I had a toddler spirit follow me home just recently. A long story cut short, I went shopping with my spirits to a thrift store. Inside the store, I walked past the row of knick knacks and my attention was drawn to the ugliest angel ceramic figurine I ever did see. It creeped me out.

At home, I started thinking about what happened and remembered reading about haunted dolls. In my mind I heard a word that came from nowhere. Now when this happens, I know that a spirit of some sort is reaching out to me. I connected and started talking to this spirit and got the impression of a little girl, about 3 years old. She believed she was an angel which may be why she haunted the angel. I wanted to tell her gently that she was dead but a jinni beat me to it which scared the girl. I managed to console her and also get help from another spirit who escorted the girl to where she was supposed to go.

Later that night, I heard the name 'Jim' pop into my mind. He told me that he was the girl's father and that they'd been separated a long time. He also thanked me and sent some love to me.

Thank you for reading. 1ey

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