dangerous to djinn?

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dangerous to djinn?

Post by bornawildangel »

I have heard that the combination of blood and silver can kill a djinn. Anyone know if this is true?

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Re: dangerous to djinn?

Post by shaf02 »

if silver is killing my Djinn then she should be dead by now

Since shes on a necklace that is a silver string. and its around my chest

and theres blood beneath my skin.

I don't think that will kill a djinn.

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Re: dangerous to djinn?

Post by p’yunik~*~chovexani »

bornawildangel wrote:I have heard that the combination of blood and silver can kill a djinn. Anyone know if this is true?
Do you mean if they're mixed together?
Like actual drops of blood and silver?

I personally haven't heard of that.

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Re: dangerous to djinn?

Post by teabags »


I recall from a while back, and among the instructions from the seller were cautions:

- some say mixing a drop of blood with silver can kill a Djinn
- some say salt repulses Djinns

They have not been tested and are cautions from one of my sellers "cpak_ghost", so I'll say just be careful.
Perhaps someone would like to ask their Djinn and post the answer?

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Re: dangerous to djinn?

Post by joy »

I don't know, but it seem weird to me that something that exist in another realm would be "killed" by items that are in this one. But I'm no expert. Maybe certain items make some spirits unhappy and they would rather avoid them, but I think that a ritual of some kind would also have to be done, but that's my take on it. If we believe that spirits exist for hundreds even thousands of years even our own for that matter, I don't believe they will die, maybe leave the vessel and not respond to the keeper perhaps. I've also heard about the salt and steel repulsing djinn but it may just be like the legends people have said about the likes and dislikes of vampires.

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Re: dangerous to djinn?

Post by Vastolord »

Interesting topic

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