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Re: Recent experiences

Postby mayelin » Fri Jun 02, 2017 3:48 pm

I just got a new rainbow dragon entity dragon and a black one as well. I tasked my other dragons to train them since I want them to be diverse in their abilities. I also want them to help me raise them since I don't know that much in how to raise dragons myself.

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Re: Recent experiences

Postby superpotato » Mon Jun 05, 2017 3:13 am

Hello, I keep a fire elemental dragon, he keeps poking my body all day, I get random twitches always in different places. When the conjuring was done, I was meditating and trying to communicate with him and thought in my head (is he actually listening to what I'm saying) and suddenly a HUGE poke in my forehead and had pressure on my third eye for about 10 minutes, he was basically yelling YEAH DUDE I'M HERE!

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Re: Recent experiences

Postby User470 » Mon Jun 05, 2017 2:04 pm

mayelin wrote:I just wanted to share my recent experiences with my dragons. Just recently, I just got a baby black dragon. I think she just learned how to blow fire which she is quite amuse at. So she has been blowing fire at my other spirits and at me. At a result of this, one of my faeries started to scold her about this since it is not polite to be blowing fire at other people. My baby black dragon ended up toasting her. My one fairy just shook herself and was back to her original self though. This is when my adult purple dragon step in and was like she needs to be trained by her and my other adults dragons. My one fairy was like that is for sure! I bet she was relieved that I've adult dragons here that are willing to teach my baby black.
Another experience deals with my gold dragon. She encountered this youngish turquoise dragon on the astral realm a bit ago. I think she found him to be a bit rough on the edges since I had a vision of him in handcuffs. This morning, my gold dragon was in the dragon realm. She spotted this turquoise dragon there. So he started to ran away from her. He was telling the other dragons there to get our of his way. So the other dragons there had a puzzle look on their faces, wondering what was going on. Eventually my gold dragon caught up with him. So right now, they are sitting at my kitchen table. My gold dragon is reading a newspaper while this turquoise dragon looks annoyed to be here. I think they may be waiting for someone to get here.

Haha, that was so fun to read,thank you!
i hope your "toasted" faery is feeling well now! :mrgreen:

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