Soul Sword Training of a human spirit

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Soul Sword Training of a human spirit

Postby CatVictoriam » Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:33 pm

Due to the interest in the chat in the Soul Sword training from one of my human spirits from Charles, I'm gonna post the SS training of one of my human spirits here :3
Have fun reading!

Sword Name: Hunter's Blade


His realm looks like something out of a World War I or World War II movie. The realm is black and white, with him being the only thing within it that stands out with color. He wears fatigues of a soldier as I step in, I find my soul swords armor has already appeared around me, my walking staff in my hand, as I observer the realm. He nods to me and says “So Sarg, I see your ready at last. How do we go about this?”

I'm certain he is former Army now, or at least in a previous life was of an army regiment of some kind. His demeanor inside his inner realm and the closer contact makes it easier to see. His other gear is laid down on some rubble nearby. The power of the upgrades set aside. I nod looking at that “I take it you understand then, against your own soul's manifestation in here that wouldn't do much good.”

He smiles and nods “yeah, something like that, or maybe I just want a fair fight ya know?”

Now it's my turn to smile. A number of my friends in this life are military or former military and the demeanor gives me warm memories. He has a fighting knife on him, and a pistol, but not much in the way of weapons. He puts out a cigarette, a bad habit of his in the last life and says “I was trying to cut back to one a day ya know.” He laughs at the nature of it, in this realm a cigarette has no more truth to it than a hologram in ours.

“Old habits sarg.” He says to me and looks around.

I look around with him too, we can both feel it, a presence is nearby. Normally in the soul sword training the guide appears after either some searching or on its own. This is a human soul so the soul sword will be closer to what something like my own sword is, or any humans is, a stronger guide, much more power, and often times a bit of a slower process in the finding. He takes off running toward the feeling and I keep up with him by hovering inches off the ground. He's still use to things like gravity in these realms and hasn't yet broken that part of his dependence on his old form. I've seen this with a few other passed on spirits in the past.

He's moving fast and I have to move from hovering to flight to keep up with him, the city has turned into a jungle scene as we move forward and I take to running myself using the armors power to keep up. He's fast, faster than I think he realizes, as he increases in movement he is shedding some of his own concepts of how his body works. I don't think he realizes yet that he hasn't had to breath this whole time, that concepts like breathing or foreign now. He stops and look back at the distance we've covered “That far... so its true” he mumbles “I figured I wouldn't need much in the way of air, but I don't feel tired at all. How strong am I here?”

I shrug at him and he takes a small rock from the ground crushing it in his own hand.

“Well that's new” he says.

I nod to that and extend my hands wide “this realm is your internal realm, a realm within your own soul force where the training happens.”

He looks around “So not like the death realm, and not like that astral place I visit, more solid or less?” He inquires this as he looks about.

“More solid” I say “The soul tends to hang onto forms more than the astral does, less solid than the death realms though.”

He nods “Makes sense, I can't crush a rock with my bare hand there.”

He turns to look about and in the distance a dark figure that can't be made out stands. It is holding a long katana, but I can sense that the power of the true sword is not manifested in that.

He cracks his knuckles and says “Time to get down to it” as he takes off toward the shadowed form.

It moves in a blink, I can barely follow its movements. I know for him it must be impossible to truly see where it moved. Yet his instincts are sharp, he feels it behind him and turns swinging an elbow toward it.

“I can feel it” he says as the guide vanishes in a movement that I can't follow. “It's filled with bloodlust” he says. It is maybe 200 feet behind him now as he turns again. Without thinking he reaches for his pistol. Before he can take aim the guide is in front of him, the sword has moved through the air, the gun is sliced clean in half.

“Son of a” before he can finish the guide has landed a palm strike firmly into his ribs. He stumbles back a bit.

“You have to focus on your energy to use these powers” I yell over to him. I myself have taken some distance not wanting to get caught up in the training portion. I will challenge his power myself in the testing phase.

He looks up at me and then down “right, will power, just like everything else” for a brief moment his body glows and he takes off toward the guide. It is inherently and obviously female by form, though dressed in all black and hooded to hide its face. He swings and misses with several punches.

She's a step ahead of him, her blade comes down fast and he turns the flat of his hand slapping hard against the flat of it to deflect it, in the same moment his fist extends from the same hand and strike her across the jaw knocking the hood back.

He realizes the guide is a woman as the hood falls back and she takes up a fighting stance. She is asian, holding a small short sword now for her weapon. The curve of the blade is unlike a true katana and reminds me slightly of a scimitar but with different core features.

He stops and turns “That's not fair, she's a woman. I can't fight a woman.”

“It's your soul dude don't look at me!” I say to him holding my hands up.

“Don't call me dude!” He says.

She strikes him hard in the ribs with a kick. He's launched backwards from the force through trees and then slams hard into a rock outcropping. “Better watch her” I say “looks like your soul guide doesn't like sexism much.”

He stands up wiping some blood from his chin “Well aint that everything then.” I can hear a bit of the country accent in his voice as he says this and I realize he is likely from the south, though this could just be my mind interpreting his language as I do not know his nationality.

She is off like a bolt of lightning slashing at him, his speed has increased now and he is avoiding the strikes, kicks, and thrusts she makes as she presses the advantage. He defends without thinking pulling a knife from seeming thin air. It looks similar to the blade she utilizes. On instinct he is keeping up better than most others would, having manifested his sword in the first moments of the true conflict. She notices this and slashes hard against his weapon. He defends, his training with knives being an advantage here and pushes back expecitng to overpower her.

The glow from her weapon forces a red ray of energy blasting him backwards. He falls back in the city next to his gear. Standing up slowly he moves to pick up his rifle then shakes his head “Nah, I came here to learn” he says under his breath. His training is making calling upon the sword easier, but drawing out its powers will be harder I know. He has the mind of a soldier, excellent for the battle, but also harder to accept new things at times.

She is standing atop a small building of rubble “Why do you want me?” the guide asks.

He looks at her incredulously “You? I don't.”

She shakes hear head “I am your soul manifested as the will to fight and kill, why do you want me in weapon form.”

He understands now that the guide and sword are one. Simply different manifestations of the same power and his eyes grow wide for a moment.

“I have people I want to protect ok” he says blushing slightly.

“Good answer” she says as she leeps down, her speed has increased. His knife goes up in reflex as hers slashes down. She has taken a reverse grip, he has taken a forward grip with the weapon. The sparks fly from the metal as the two weapons impact. Her's begins to glow red again, this time he grabs her arm and kicks toward her leg as it does. She defends with a raised knee and the blast fires. He is thrown backwards this time into the jungle again.

No sooner does he hit the ground than she comes slashing down toward him, he rolls out of the way as she stabs downward. Leaping to his feet he turns with the knife in a reverse grip now ready to guard. She slashes upward and another red wave of energy emanates from her blade toward him.

He blocks with the edge of his blade and his weapon glows red for a brief second. The waves cancles on his blade and he looks at it closely. “So this moves my will then” he says and takes aim. A red cannon like blast goes off from the front of his fist. She avoids the first blast and he fires a second and a third. He seems to have a limitless supply of energy for this, but what should I expect, he is a human soul after all.

She avoids, dodges, and returns fire with her own blasts, he moves out the way, this time seeming to teleport. His speed is up to par now. After several exchanges of fire they meet in the middle slashing wildly at each other, blades clashing hard and fast in the exchange. After a moment or two she holds up her hand “I am known as Hunter's Blade” she says to him. He nods and takes a gentlemanly bow to her.

“It is a fine pleasure to meet you” he says.

She smiles “Our power goes deeper than just these blasts, not only are you faster when wielding me, but you are more durable. Draw in the power into your body now.”

He nods and does so, his body glowing the strange red glow. She steps forward slashing at him with the blade to no effect. “We have more abilities than this, but these are the first two I can show you. We will train in here when time permits. However the armored one wishes to challenge you soon I suspect” she says to him. He thanks her and shakes her hand “it's good to be working with you Hunter's Blade.”


I entered the realm fully armored, using my staff as a representation for my striking force within my sword. He was wearing his tactical armor and other accouterments but I could tell by the look in his eyes he wanted this as a test only sword to sword. We charged in at each other, staff having a greater reach than a long knife, and energy errupted from each clash of our weapons. Finally after a few seconds of this he put distance between us. A blast of that red energy erupted toward me. I held up one gauntleted hand sure I could take the hit. The blast hit, cascaded around me, and dissipated.

He had taken to the air. He had mastered flight in the moments during the training and the time I took before testing him. I went to take to flight, jumped, and landed hard on my feet. I looked around in shock.

“Tell ya what Sarg, I'll make it clear. In the time it took you to come back in here and test me, I learned a bit more talking to her. She's a hell of a blade ya see. I can control her energy anywhere it goes. Right now it's sinking in around you. So I can slow ya down, keep ya from flying.” He was smirking.

“Glad that pleases you” I said “I haven't started really using my power yet though” I raised the staff and four orbs of raw fire appeared in front of it. The they blast off and toward him with enough force he had to recall the energy to himself to block. Smoke filled the air around him and he spiraled out of the flame cloud looking at me with determination as I flew toward him slashing hard with each strike of my staff. The power in my staff now wasn't propelled by any element, just raw energy and intent. I was forcing him back. Suddenly the hits from the staff became blasts of lightning filling the air. He was on the full defensive as his body was covered in the red aura of defensive power.

He transitioned to a strong strike against my jaw with his left hook to buy a second and put distance between us “Yer good sarg.”

He fired off a cutting blast form his knife, more condensed this time, less cannon like. I created a shield of shifting air currents that caught the blast funneling it around my staff and tending it back toward him. He brought his knife up just in time to defend against the return strike.

To his eyes I must have teleported. My armor had woken up, he has pushed it hard enough that it had started using ITS power with my movements again. I was directly in front of him coming down hard with the staff like a war hammer. He stepped aside, felt my intent and went to leap back as I slashed a circular crescent slash skyward forming a blast of ice chasing him. The cold ice power caught his leg slowing it down and he blew away the ice with a blast from his knife.

I was in front of him again, this time startling him “I've been training with this for over ten years” I said “There is no element Honou Hitoare can not use, no power it can not absorb given time.” He went to stab me with his knife and it bounced off the armor.

His eyes glowed red for a moment as he reached synchronous with his own weapon, the blast this time did stumble me back, yet it took something out of him to do this. I came down hard, my staff appearing to be a blade of pure cutting force as it did. The strike landed on his knife and it did not give. I stepped back and held up a hand “your still very new to the spirit form, and your a hell of a soldier. In a few months you'll master that blade and this would be a fair fight, but for today my job is to test it” I say to him.

He nods, breathing heavily. One thing about the spiritual form is we DO draw in something like air when we expend enough energy. He had expended a massive amount to reach Sync with his sword so fast. I take off my helmet “It's a true soul sword sir.” I say to him.

“Well I knew that Sarg” he said to me and smiled giving me a thumbs up.

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Re: Soul Sword Training of a human spirit

Postby darkwing dook » Thu Aug 03, 2017 5:23 pm

Ooo : 0

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Re: Soul Sword Training of a human spirit

Postby ☆Aytide☆ » Thu Aug 03, 2017 5:24 pm

Oh gawd u dunno how much I love this... It's like I'm reading an underrated high quality action novel *-*

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Re: Soul Sword Training of a human spirit

Postby CatVictoriam » Thu Aug 03, 2017 5:33 pm

Aditya19 wrote:Oh gawd u dunno how much I love this... It's like I'm reading an underrated high quality action novel *-*

Felt the same way, when I was reading this :,D It's really cool, indeed >:3 Especially the thing with his smoking habit.

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Re: Soul Sword Training of a human spirit

Postby CatVictoriam » Fri Aug 04, 2017 10:44 am

And after V find out that Ds guide manifested as a japanese women, he kept teasing him with this song:
... poor guy :D

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Re: Soul Sword Training of a human spirit

Postby dragynraken » Sat Aug 05, 2017 12:47 am

Lol awesome


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