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West World

Post by Samsara »

While this is not paranormal it delves in the area of creation and consciousness. The story is about a world built to pleasure human's need for violence and sex through robots. So the robot can be killed or violated but then are reborned. Then their memories are wiped. Much like the concept or reincarnation.

And then the robots start to wake up because they begin to remember things...so they seek to find their gods, only to find out their gods are nerdy weak humans who've enslaved them for pleasure.

Once the robots were given emotions, the suffering made them real. All of this reminds me of how humans today suffer and look for a god to make sense of thing...only to perhaps find out...he doesn't really care. Very good series/

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Re: West World

Post by ☆Aytide☆ »

Yes it is an amazing series I finished watching the whole season with my friend, oh gosh it's just really messed up yet brilliant I luv it

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