A Couple of Questions About Djinn Blood

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A Couple of Questions About Djinn Blood

Postby Manannanschild » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:48 pm

I have a couple of questions which maybe the people on this forum can answer. Here they are:
1. Does anybody here have djinn in their blood?
2. If you do, do you have problems with cold temperatures?
3. How do you deal with this magically, and mundanely?
4. Do you have Reynauds (reduced circulation in the hands and possibly other extremities)?
5. Are their any other peculiarities which you display which can be tied to djinn blood?

I'd be very grateful if you could answer these questions. I feel that it would be helpful to me and possibly others as well. Thank-you!

A descendant of Manannan mac Lir, through his child Cliodhna, the Queen of Banshees. Practitioner of necromancy and spirit-working. Spiritual companions include: 1 Irish River Djinn, 2 Banshees, 3 Slaugh Sidhe, 10 Reanimates, 6 Ghoul Djinn, 4 Black Hounds, 1 Samhain Dragon, 4 Human Necromancers, 2 Weremothers, 4 Nosfecunda, 1 Fertility Witch, 5 Crow-Maidens, 8 Irish Vampires, 9 Skeletal Guards, 5 Bone Golems, 2 Tomb Legionaires, 4 Units of Phantom Soldiers, 1 Bog Mummy, 23 Dark Phoenixes...

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