Coir Djinn

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Coir Djinn

Postby Manannanschild » Mon Oct 02, 2017 1:24 pm

So I recently found information on Coir Djinn and was wondering if anyone could should some information on how they act, what they can help with, natural talents and aptitudes, connection with the pagan gods of the Celtic lands, etc? Interestingly I have heard from certain spirits that one can become such a being if one follows the Tuatha de Danann and shows exemplary devotion. Anyways if you happen to know anything besides what is listed on Mystic Morning Treasures, feel free to respond.

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Re: Coir Djinn

Postby shere » Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:14 pm

Hi dear!

I have a coir djinn from Lisa since a while, so I want to share my experiences even if they are not so yielding.

First, I rarely ask her for any wishes directly. Sometimes I ask my other djinns for specific things, but I often ask alle my spirits for solving a stressful situation. Up to now, all problems are gone with favorable endings for me. So, I don't know, who plays what role - but hey! Never change a running system ;-)

Sometimes I notice an accumulation of bad luck, when I did something, what was not okay. Don't know, if this is part of the coir djinns karma-thing. Never that worse, that I couldn't handle, most of the time only annoying and always solvable. What I can tell you is, that they definitely make a bump for rethinking some planned acts related to overlooked aspects with negative impacts.

I am not one of those lucky ones, who sees spritis, just some kinds of communications are possible. But I can tell you, that my coir djinn has a calming energy - kind of grounding. Very comfortable.

I hope, that I was in the positioon to answer a few of your questions :) fell free to ask

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