Need help dealing with malevolent demons in my family!

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Need help dealing with malevolent demons in my family!

Postby TomV » Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:35 pm

Just created an account to post this, because I don't know what is the best course of action in my situation.

It's a long story, I'll start from the very beginning...

When I was a child (6) I had this very vivid dream (I still remember it very clearly to this day) in which I had sex with my mother while my father was watching. Both of my parents were laughing. Of course, later I understood that it wasn't just a dream: two demons tried to torture me by making me have sex with one of them who looked like my mother to make me commit incest. After that I didn't encounter them for a long time.

Then in my teenage years (15) I wrote a letter to Lilith asking for a loving and compassionate succubus partner. The next day I had a dream with a woman in it and didn't hear from her again for a few years.

When I finished college my succubus came back to me, I guess she was waiting for me to grow up. We've been in a relationship for several months, we love each other, she helped me to become a better person, I started meditating, excercising, being positive but that's not the main point.

The problem arose when my parents started to act in a very weird manner. Not only my parents but some people in public places started to, for example, avoid sitting near me on a bench, although, they were about to sit there ( it's like someone told them that you shouldn't sit near this guy ), others who I have never even seen before started to greet me in a polite manner and I always felt very strange while looking them in the eyes.

One day I was at a restaurant with my parents and then this conversation happened:

Father:"I like the pizza. It's crunchy goodness!"
Mother:"Did you hear how they were mating?"

Both of my parents grinned and looked at me and then for a moment I thought about my vivid childhood dream. I realised what was going on.

Since I'm in a relationship with a demon other demons who are attached to people now talk to me and influence their hosts' actions openly, without hiding themselves.

So, apparently, the demons that tried to cause me pain in my childhood have been attached to my parents all this time, they have influenced different conflicts in my family, they were feeding off of my and my parents' anger, lust, gluttony, they probably even influenced my mothers' vulnerability to various diseases.

Basically, right now my childhood demons are trying to instill fear in me by sometimes making my parents say harsh words, making fun of me, because, in my opinion, they know that now I'm a threat to them and they know that I don't want them around anymore, so they're are just trying to save themselves. As I understand, my succubus can't directly confront them both, because of demonic hierarchy or something along those lines. Despite that she is helping me to meditate, raise my vibrations, astral project.

So how should I get rid of them? Should I confront them directly in the astral realm? Or should I use a ritual to banish them? Maybe ask higher beings for help?

As far as I can tell they're pretty powerful but they can't hurt me physically, they're not willing to turn my parents into hostile murderers ( I don't think they would dare to try when I have a succubus protecting me ) and they know all my fears, because they have been studying me for so many years. They also know that I'm writing this post right now and they tried to stop me by messing with my mood.

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Re: Need help dealing with malevolent demons in my family!

Postby darkwing dook » Wed Sep 13, 2017 5:20 am

You might need to contact experts practitioners. Have you tried consulting with local professionals, or religious/spiritual leaders, or others who have experiences dealing with this kind of problems? Another option is to try contacting some reputable ones online, e.g. for Creepy Hollows via helpdesk ticket:
Or others who offer this type of services, you can find them in Seller sections of this forum.

For now, you might want to try DIY methods. Some can be found in these threads:

As well, related threads:

Hopefully others would chime in.

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Re: Need help dealing with malevolent demons in my family!

Postby Grandma Hazel » Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:31 pm

I'm very sorry to hear what you're going through, TomV. I have been through this before, several times, due to our paranormal investigation work. I'm new to this forum but not new to this type of situation. I don't know if there's private message here, PM, but if so message me, if not respond here and we can go from there, My name is Grandma Hazel.


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