Question on Dragons

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Re: Question on Dragons

Postby Aaaaa » Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:03 pm

GoldenAitvaras wrote:I can attest to this. My Terra Dragon was bound to spirit and I did not pay nearly enough attention to her than, say, my gargoyle or incubus who both had physical vessels. I would always communicate with the other two but hardly with her. It's not that I favored them or didn't like my dragon, I just kept forgetting she was there (I'm somewhat spirit blind/deaf)

Long story short, She got fed up with being ignored and I got fed up with myself ignoring her so we agreed to purchase and transmute her to a ring in the shape of a dragon.

It all comes down to personal preference but I think for beginners it is much better to have a physical vessel you can hold and make a recognition with.
My thought process is this: I wear the vessel every day. I remember to pick it up and put it on. It is something physical to remind me they are there. Throughout the day I see the vessel on my finger and it reminds me to check in with them and say hello.

Hmm well i consider myself a beginner but i have more spirits bound to my spirit and i'm getting one put into a crystal i keep on my dresser. My thing with wearing vessels is i'm more likely to lose it. I often lose things and then i'm frustrated and stressed i can't find it while i'm looking everywhere for it. Sometimes i even forget where things are and then it's the same thing all over again.

How do you transmute spirits bound to your spirit to vessels?
Transmute bag ?

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Re: Question on Dragons

Postby darkwing dook » Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:05 pm

Aaaaa wrote:How do you transmute spirits bound to your spirit to vessels?
Transmute bag ?

Yep, transmute bag, or ultra complex bag of all tricks (UCBOAT), or using the master vessel : )

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