Article - La Santa Muerte, the Growing Veneration of Holy Death in Paganism

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Article - La Santa Muerte, the Growing Veneration of Holy Death in Paganism

Postby Alys » Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:45 am ... anism.html

Particularly of practical note:

"For Pagans who are interested in connecting to this powerful entity, Rollin advises a simple beginning. 'All she needs is a little altar to call her home,' she says. The altar should include an image of her, 'a glass of water, and a small candle.' Offerings and such can be placed at her feet or draped on her statue. Rollin further advises 'three keys' to working with death. First, she is 'territorial' and does not want to share altar space with another deity. Second, Rollin advises developing a personal relationship with the goddess, who 'seeks attention and friendship,' states Rollin, 'she really likes people.' This can be done through refreshing the deity’s water, 'playing her music, and sipping her treats like candy and tequila' to 'reinforce the bond.' The third key is to 'embrace death and change as a spiritual power.' In a world that often avoids the subject, the practitioner must come to peace with it.

Prower has two major tips for getting started. First, you must accept the fact that you are going to die. 'This will freak you out, and you will feel uncomfortable,' says Prower, 'but you cannot develop a relationship with something that you are scared of or refuse to acknowledge.' Second, he advises developing a relationship first with the death deity of your own cultural pantheon. 'La Santa Muerte can be a very overwhelming force,' he says, 'but by already having a familiarity with a death deity, death herself will be easier to understand.'

Finally, Prower stresses the importance of treating your relationship with Santa Muerte as you would would a relationship with a human friend. If you only come to her when you want nice things, you are not much of a friend. 'A real friend is someone who wants to be with you because they enjoy your company and like you for you.' The two of you should share mutual respect and a reciprocal relationship."

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