I Can No Longer Deal With This Spiritual and Magickal Stuff

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Re: I Can No Longer Deal With This Spiritual and Magickal Stuff

Postby AriesStarChild_ » Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:11 pm

JennJen35 wrote:
AriesStarChild_ wrote:I'm not too sure if this is good advice but I want you so badly to breathe. Relax your mind and breathe. I want you to write down rules. House rules. Things that make you comfortable. Then I want you to focus on each rule one by one putting stern intent into these rules. My question is, have you gotten your bronwyn angel yet?
Did you get it bound to spirit or put on a vessel?
Do you know what grounding is?
Do you meditate?
Do you talk to guardian angels?

Have you done any research, not just looking anywhere on the internet but legit research about spirits/unbounds/spirit keeping?

Please, keep a level head, panicking is not going to help. As much as I see you want fast results and you want them now I also want you to be able to take the advice that's being given to you. If its an unbound then ask your spirit guides/guardian angels to get it to go away. Just simply ask: guardian angels, if you can hear me please help me.

Being energy sensitive can be scary I know I understand the feelings and the odd things that seem impossible. But you have to stay calm. Next thing is, if it is your bronwyn angel then this is why you make house rules. Rules you want every being that is in your keep to follow. One of the rules can even be : Take it slow, tone down the activity
When I got my first spirits I was annoyed bc I felt like thy didn't listen. I was WAY too open and experienced them at 100% and couldn't even sleep. But I had to show them no. They WILL follow my rules. Sometimes you have to put your foot down and that does not involve fear. Maybe easier said than done. But mean what you say. My first 4 spirits where: Bronwyn Angel,Merman, Vampire and Sterling angel
When I would wear my brinwyns vessel I'd get tingles in odd places as well. And looked all over to see if they where touchy. I couldn't find much but I now know they can be from personal experience. It was odd. Lol. But what you can't to is expect a spirit to be one type of way just bc that's what you're used to hearing. Spirits just like people have many sides and have personalities. They were once living too. They are no longer bound to the bodies they had therefore mostly act as they please. So wether it be an unbound or not have you tried asking it to stop. Or asking it to calm down. Telling it what it can and can't do and if it doesn't respect you, you WILL remove it. I would hate for it to actually be your bronwyn and you got rid of him/her. Because they are honestly amazing. I would hate for you to give up on this journey when it's barley started. As people have told you. Sensitivity to spirits can be a blessing and a curse. I know trust me I know. But please calm down.

That was perfect advice 100%, 1tu

Thanks love. I try to help where I can
Happy keeping

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Re: I Can No Longer Deal With This Spiritual and Magickal Stuff

Postby Huffette » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:00 am

Heypanda has not been coming on for quite some time, so locking this topic is a good idea

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