Chocolate offering

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Re: Chocolate offering

Postby RizomataNyan » Sun Dec 10, 2017 8:10 am

Noctifera wrote:They don't exactly 'eat' it so much as absorb the energy of or essence of it, if you know what I mean. Sometimes offerings can go physically missing to denote this, although it's rarer than the simple energy fluctuation of the offering.
So I would say, if you've left it out overnight or for a sufficient time after having offered it, consider the offering having been accepted/enjoyed. Besides this you need to depend on your intuition, when you feel the offering is done then you should dispose of/re-purpose it.
You can even share in that offering by eating of it yourself, which is a fun bonding experience (although sometimes the energy shift may make the offering inedible, and of course if it's been left out tooooo to just respectfully dispose of it).

I would determine based on your dream that the offering has likely been accepted and enjoyed already!

Ah thank you for telling me all of that it clear the question I have been having for quite some time

and sorry for the late replay some stuff happen to my phone so I really can't use it for a while but its fine now

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