Can't communicate with my angels

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Re: Can't communicate with my angels

Postby veggie4life » Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:29 pm

I just received a custom 5T3 Courtwind Angel. It's only been three days and I know it's a lifetime (mine anyway) relationship, but I can't "feel" her. I thought I saw a golden/white flash out of the corner of my eye.The pressure in my ears change every now and then. I think she might be attempting to contact me. Not sure. I meditate with the connecting stone and burn her apple-scented candle. Nothing. I'm willing to give it the full 30 days. This is really unusual. I've been sensitive to spirits all my life. It's like there's nothing there.

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Re: Can't communicate with my angels

Postby nuriko » Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:21 pm

I use tarot to communicate with mine! I haven't seen them manifest (I do see things in the corner of my vision.. way more now than I ever did before having companions), but I ask them individually what they need me to know or anything they want me to know about them or about something specific. I let things flow, go with my gut, my instinct, when I pull the cards. (I've been studying and practicing for about half a year now) I also consider this an amazing time to bond with them because I'm basically getting to know them, what and how they think, how they feel. I also talk to them on a daily basis even though I might not hear or see an answer from them, they'll reveal or appear when they feel the time is right. Sometimes when I am talking to them or telepathically talking to them, I'll 'answer myself', but it feels like these answers are coming from them and not myself.. if it pops into my head, I take it as them talking and not myself. It's super important that you bond, bond, bond, be patient, try to acknowledge the 'little' things, even if it feels like you're just having a conversation with yourself. They'll hear you, they'll respond. Mine are C5 btw, I've been working with 2 of them for a couple of weeks now and I just received my other 2 today.

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