Can Cambions have spirit children also?

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Re: Can Cambions have spirit children also?

Postby Depresso_Espresso » Fri Aug 25, 2017 3:59 pm

Cult wrote:
Depresso_Espresso wrote:
darkwing wrote:
Depresso_Espresso wrote:For backround, I'm a Cambion, who hit puberty pretty late and is only experiencing demonic changes now...

Mmm, do you mean your father is an incubus, or your mother is a succubus? Have you verified that, and how did you verify that?

As well, while the myth is that incubi/succubi are labeled demons, it is generally accepted in the forum that not all of them are demons :

Well, I'm not certain but I believe my father is an incubus.

How I verified all this is what will be a year's worth of events in a few weeks. I say events, but the earth keeps turning, the sun will still rise every morning and set every evening. But in my personal life everything has changed. (For the short version scroll down to the dashed lines)

This all my sound like bullshit, but I promise you this is what I know to be the truth. Two years ago, I as a *sceptic would not have believed either. But it all started around October time 2016.

Strange things started happening around this time. But the first, small in comparison, yet notable event was what should have been another boring German class. So boring, in fact, that I fell asleep... on the radiator. I woke up to the dude next to me tapping me. My skin was red and burned badly on my face and hand but I couldn't feel it. Then, it healed before both of our eyes. He fainted and didn't talk to me for a week.

Next, I was in the assembly hall with a group of friends, again a normal boring day. Everyone was eating their lunch. But I heard a strange noise behind me and looked up to see a demon perched in the cieling in the corner of the room. I froze for a moment then got up and left my friends, stumbling into the corridoor. Whereapon, I saw more, a lot more. Some small and fat, most tall and thin, there were at least twenty. Some had wings. As a then athiest I was freaking the *#@! out while they would occasionally look me over and laugh.

I was about to scream and run, when *she* came. She approached me calmly, carrying my hockey stick in it's bag. She looked at the demons, then back at me. "It's okay, I can see them too, y'know."

They all looked over at us. I was slightly terrified, until she said, "Your flames, I can see them too." I looked down and my whole body was on fire, green flickering flames, but it didn't hurt. Trembling, I looked over at her, and she was covered in flames too, hers were lilac. She glared at the demons, and they backed off a little. Then she dragged me down the corridoor and downstairs. (Let me clarify that noone else had noticed the flames or the demons)

We talked for a little while. Not quite ready to leave when the lunch bell went. Some of my questions she had answers for, others she didn't. What am I? "I... I don't know..." What are you? "I.. I'm not sure." You can see them? "Yes." How long? "I always have." And my flames? "..Yeah".

Wait, is that why you messaged me at the start of this year? "... Yes, I noticed you starting to have them."

Of course we ended up dating, (sorry if you can't get past me being gay but it's a minor detail ♡) A while after I broke up with my previous girlfriend due to dangerous close encounters and my fear for her safety.

I couldn't help it. I fell for her. She was the only person I had ever met like me, the person who taught me all about the spirit world, how to defend myself. Things we didn't know we learned together. It was like she was the only one who understood me, of course that kind of thing is doomed to form a bond.

Then I made contact with spirits. Demons. In ways my family would not be happy about. After a few bad encounters and a near possesion I met, Defalo. We were wary and didn't trust him at first. But after communicating several times we eventually came to trust him. He is a huge source of verification. I believe he is what you'd call on these forums a spirit demon? As in he isn't a physical entity. But it took a while before he could give us enough info. Turns out someone was threatening him. He wasn't just lying to save his skin, but also, to protect me. But one night turns out he revealed 'too much' for the higher demons liking. He revealed the power of flames and flight that would soon come. He told us power lay in a sword that I needed to find.

This other demon was not happy. When I stayed at the girl's (I do not wish to reveal her name on here) house she introduced me to her demon friend, Modesto. But this new demn decided to show up, I call him C as I don't actually know his name. C is a higher tier demon. This was so long ago that I can barley remember what he looked like. But he was tall and thin like modesto and defalo, he had wings and his hair was shaggy, he wore a brown cloth around his waist and he had a leather strap aroun his shoulder like a sash, with a badge of a strange symbol pinned on.

We battled him (I can describe all this in detail below if you want but this is already long) and we won. The battle weakened us a bit, but afterwards it strengthened us. I felt myself with more power and better control over my flames. But the girl, let's call her A, something strange happened with her. She grew a LOT stronger, and her flames... they changed colour. From violet, to deep purple and eventually blood red.

Okay so basically for the short story if ylu wanna skip all that:

- Strange things happen to me
- Bad burns heal strangly
- Sees demons, craps pants (not literally) and friend explains she can see them too, points out that I now have green glowing flames, she has lilac flames, and she saves me, sorta.
- We talk, she explains a lot, we date and have lots of freaky ass encounters, and a battle with a higher up demon
- With great research and the help of demons modesto and defalo, I learn I am a cambion, and that presumeably my father was a demon with flame abilities. My history is traced back to ancient Irish legends and a link to the Claíomh Solais (Pron. Kleeve Sol - ace) which is Irish for Sword of Light and is found in many Irish tales and legends.

Other things I may need to mention is that I have proof that my family know. Defalo has always been there almost like a guardian. He kept telling me to ask my family not him (back when he was threatened by C) and their reactions when I said his name are proof enough.

Any other details I may have left out let me know. I apologize for leaving so much out but this is an entire year to attempt to understand / explain.

I also may get that many here may disbelieve because of / be confused by my seemingly nonchalant reaction to all of this. Trust me. When you deal with something for a year you get used to it. At first yes it was *#@!ing mental. But I mean, how do you react to something like this? I am doing my best, to research and see what my next step is, otherwise, I wouldn't be here.

Things are kind of at a stalemate with Demon C and his co. I know that they are disliked by many demons and I know they act as some sort of "council" and I know they HATE Cambions. But my abilities are still underdevloped. I can't fly, I just have two raised parts on my back where wings are starting to form, and my flames don't work properly. I'm actually quite lucky they haven't came back yet.

I know they say puberty is rough but I mean c'mon, no one told me this sh*t? Ha.

What can I say I am still a teenager regardless and I have a *#@!ed up sense of humour. I've had a year to adapt and accept all this and... Idk why I'm bothering explaining my reaction but thankyou for reading all this if you did.

What episode of Blue Exorcist is this

Lmao true my life feels like an Anime

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Re: Can Cambions have spirit children also?

Postby chattingwithchloe » Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:44 am

Hello, I was wondering if anyone on here can help me. I speculate that I might also be a cambion. But I believe my bloodline might be a little deluted or rather I have not fully developed as of yet. I have these conversations in my minds eye. I can call up on certain people, some that I've met, and some that I have not, and speak to them. I had a conversation with a demon last night. Well I don't suppose he was all demon. He said that he was a halfling like myself. He also said that he had been ordered to watch over me from the day that I took my first breath. He also stated that my human mother was possessed for my first six years of life. Apparently my "demon mother" wanted to ensure that I was settled in properly. I asked for his name but he wouldn't give it to me. He said if I had it then I would be able to summon him whenever I felt like it. And he didn't seem too keen on the idea.
At age 13 things started getting out of hand. My uncle was living with us at the time. He molested me once I started hitting puberty. But up until that point he had never seemed interested in me that way. It was purely platonic. The thing is though, I became stronger. Not physically, but I felt full of life. Satisfied. And that's the scary part. But whenever I went too long without sexual contact I became mean, cruel, and downright nasty. I was vicious, and I didn't even notice I was doing it. My morals were warring with me so I made sure to end any future advances from him. It was hell from that point until my first boyfriend at 16.
I'm school I could do whatever I wanted. I would read during every period, the teachers having no problem with giving me what I wanted. I would do as I pleased. Walk the halls, roam around, not socialize. Whatever I wanted. And nobody said anything because I didn't want them too.
I don't have wings, or anything special, but I am able to make people do things they wouldn't normally do. Nothing major like jump off a cliff. But small things, things they won't put up much fight over doing.
And one more thing...about every six weeks, (my mother has been tracking it without me knowing), I fall off the deep end. I become erratic, hateful, cruel. I'm mean. And I have no idea I'm doing it. But it's to the point that any contact with anyone will set me off. I've never harmed another person but I've come extremely close to it. And then all of a sudden I'm back to normal after about a week or two.
So, y'all think I might be a cambion or am I just absolutely crazy lol?

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Re: Can Cambions have spirit children also?

Postby Fireshadow » Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:33 am

Well, I cannot really give you much information about this subject, as I'm just human... I mean I have ADHD and sometimes my feelings go up and down all the way, but that's just my personality? And no, I don't have borderline. But for some of the happenings you experienced, I can give you an insight in the human brain? Well, I'm not a psychologist from education, but as INFJ-personality I should be able to get the truth on table.

Well, some strange human beings have strange fetishes, and should get castrated. That's clear. The fact that your uncle came to molest you at age thirteen, maybe he is into youngsters who hit puberty? And don't forget that the human brain is very strong. We can forget trauma's that happened to us, because something in us is so strong. Maybe your psych found a way to deal with this terrible thing that happened to you. And well, my best friend, who I think is completly human, is very good at manipulating others as well. How she manipulated her boyfriend who dumped her three times to take her back, I can only guess and call them stupid.
But manipulation, what about all those narcists? They are very good at manipulating are they not? And it seems they are human as well. Cause I doubt my father is some sort of demon, he is just a narcist who was probably hurt in this youth and found a way to deal with it. And him being a demon from hell, would totally be funny, as my granddad, his father is a deken from Church. :-)
Manipulation... It seems I'm even very good in this... or let's say my spirits, or my guardian angel I always say took a long trip to wherever.
Maybe you're very good at practising the Law of Attraction, and then things happen what you wish for. You can also have given off some sort of character that told them to shut up about it or there would be some serious trouble waiting for them.

Look in the end, I believe that you know yourself what you are. But... if there is a chance you're human, don't give it up to soon. Because yes, being human can ****, but on the other hand, we have a place among them. We are a big group. We are part of a species. And I don't know, if you are given birth to by your human mother, you're fairly human. Being possessed, I don't think that means they become a demon. They are taken over by a demon, but not becoming one. Maybe your demon mother is more like your fairy godmother, or... well demon godmother then. But if you would be a cambion, I think...

Well, and if we are talking about beings, so a great grandchild from a European setler and an Native American mother... what is that called? I guess it's still a human being, and yes it's part European and part Native American. But it doesn't mean it's an European or only a Native American. Especially thinking about the fact now that if you are born on a airplane, flying over let's say Ireland, you're Irish.
I've had in my blood readings as well. So I've a vamp, a mermaid, and an angel in my bloodline. But it doesn't make me a vamp or a mermaid or an angel. Yes, I love vamps, but I'm not going to drink blood, I feel the need to **** at the sight of it. I love to go swimming, but when I was younger my dad said I was in fear of water. And yes, I'm religous, but it doesn't mean I've grown wings or have an areool. I'm not sure if the mermaid was faternal side, but maybe... because me, my part-sibblings and my cousins all love swimming. But I think somewhere Ash or Mags mentioned that all beings have ****** each other, and there is not really anything only Human or only Incubus or only Fae left. We have all deluted bloodlines, and well, next to that... who nowadays can say he is only Viking? This world... has come together, and the distance has never been so small and easy to cross. Well, not that we know of. So yes, maybe you're three partly cambion. It doesn't mean you're ONLY Cambion. It means... you're three part Cambion, two part Human.

I'm sorry if this hurts you, but I'm trying to explain it in the way I see it. And I mean, it's not because someone on here said they have had ADHD, and like sex, I am going to be like now:' Oh my, I'm a cambion.' Because no way my father is... maybe he is partly I don't know. Maybe my grandmother was visited by the Holy Spirit himself, although I doubt it. And well, even if my dad clearly thinks me and my sibblings are made by the Holy Spirit himself, and he has no responsibilty towards us, I think it's very clear just by our looks that we are his. We may not like it, but it's the way it is.
And well sexual energy, I get pissed if I don't get any, but I guess that's because I just want it and not because I'm a cambion. You know what they say of angry nuns right? That they need to get some, because maybe they would be able to smile afterwards. ;-) ( and as I'm a Christian myself, I am not trying to hurt other people by this statement. It's just a way of explaining as why sex is important to us, human beings)
Maybe you need to find a human group, of people who have gone through the same as you. My mom joined in a club of parents who have Hyperactive children. I've found out my personality MBTI type, and found some of the same personalities as me. I know there are good groups out there for people who experienced sexual abuse. So don't close the door of the human world behind you, it's fairly possible you're human.

And I think sometimes we need to take things with a grain of salt. I believe in Ubi's, cambions, vamps, mermaids, dragons, etc... but Merlin was pretty great guys. And yes, Jesus was awesome. But what would the devil or God ( or name Him as who you Believe in) possibly gain by making so many people just pregnant? I don't doubt there is something about you, not just human. But... I'm a bit taken back by the fact that you should be a true Cambion. Or unless someone decides that the Holy Spirit was truly God who conceived Jesus with Mary, and that the incubus that made Merlins mother pregs, was the devil himself... I don't see it really. I'm sorry if this offends anyone's ego.

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Re: Can Cambions have spirit children also?

Postby Kitsune » Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:16 pm

Oy vey.....

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