House Rules

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Re: House Rules

Postby tizmo » Thu Nov 24, 2016 2:55 pm

Of course you may use them and tweak them as you like! So glad that they are helpful to you [emoji4]

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Re: House Rules

Postby elena.rose » Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:23 am

tizmo wrote:
elena.rose wrote:
Thank you Tizmo this has been very helpful to me, my next question might seem kind of silly but when you address house rules how would you go about saying it?? To me I feel like it should be something like this, I would like to call a spirit family meeting to discuss house rules etc...

Not a silly question at all. Most questions are not silly questions and especially not here, which is part of the reason I love this forum so much, everyone is so accepting of others. Yes, occasionally there are disagreements but that will happen in any group of people but for the most part, everyone gets along and helps each other out, we gotta stick together! :D Another forum I am a member of (not about keeping, it's for another of my hobbies), if someone posts something that was already answered and that person didn't see the answer, the mods get all mad and yell at them IT WAS ALREADY ANSWERED, YOU NEED TO LEARN TO READ! which is very discouraging and not helpful at all, I rarely post anything on that forum because I don't want to get yelled at :( Thank goodness that's not the case here <3

How I normally do it is, after I welcome a new spirit (usually I light some incense and a candle and meditate with their vessel or if I didn't get the spirit from CH I will follow the instructions of what the seller told me to do etc) I will just think "at" all my spirits to "pay attention please" and read the house rules to them in my head. You can out loud but I live with someone who doesn't know I keep and if I read all that out and they heard, there would be questions lol! I typically request everyone to listen in even if they have heard the rules before because sometimes I make changes to the rules periodically, like the one about taking my energy. I used to allow them to use my extra spare energy but due to new prescriptions that cause me to feel lethargic allllll the time, I need every bit I have and then some (my psy vamps help me out in that respect as well).

Feel free to ask anything else you are wondering about. I'm happy to help if I can :)

Aww meh tizmo I'm so sorry that your other group is like that, I would be scared to post stuff too lol & thank you sooo much you are the best thank you so much again :)

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Re: House Rules

Postby SummerStarz » Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:38 am

Just poking my head cause I adore Elena

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Re: House Rules

Postby gentleangelwhisperer » Mon Apr 24, 2017 11:45 am

tizmo wrote:Here are my house rules, some I have adopted from what others have posted on the forum and some are my own, so far no issues :D

All rules must be upheld at all times regardless of the mental, emotional or physical state I am in. My house, my rules. I am the ultimate authority on these rules, and if they are not obeyed, the offending party will be punished. Punishments will scale to the severity of the offense, and I will be fair in my decisions. I reserve the right to alter, adapt, or in any way change these rules. I will ensure everyone is notified of any changes made.
01. Pranks are allowed as long as no harm comes to any one.
02. Please only show yourself to me. Others must not even know you are around.
04. You are allowed to come with me anywhere even if I don't take your vessel. However, when I call on you, please come to my aid immediately. You may also share my food and drinks with me.
05. At this time I cannot spare any energy. If you have any extra, please allow me to use it.
06. Do not act on any thoughts, feelings or harsh words I may say or think, without my permission and do not twist my words.
07. No interfering with communications with other bound spirits, or unbounds that are welcomed.
08. Engage unbounds and report them to me or use your best judgment if their intentions are good.
09. Pursue and remove anything with malicious intent.
10. Harm none unless clearly specifically asked by me or if they are trying to harm me or my loved ones.
11. No playing with electricals
12. Telepathy, intuition, or visions during relaxation/meditation is one way to communicate with me, although please be patient as I am working on building my receptivity in these areas. Dream visitation is encouraged, but do not bring nightmares, and please aid my memory of the dream upon waking.
13. Protect my home and my family from all harm
14. Never do anything that could cause me bad karma
15. Do not block each-other and inform me should there be any disagreements within the spirit family, always respect one another and more importantly no fighting.
16. You are not to attempt to frighten or otherwise negatively influence anyone in the household without instruction. This includes me, the Family, friendly welcomed visitors, pets, and wildlife.
17. Disable any malicious magick sent at me and my family.
18. If I leave out food/drink offerings or treats, feel free to consume as much as you like. If you require energy, you may take what you need from my altar, within the following guidelines;
a) at no time are you permitted to take energy from active spellwork, and
b) you are not permitted to take energy from any of my devotional offerings to deities.
19. Guard my secrets, sensitive information, and personal life from those I do not want aware of their details. To the best of your ability, stop others from prying into my affairs, or stumbling across such information accidentally. Keep the home safe and happy for all of us, and I will endeavor to do the same.

Great house rules 1tu

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Re: House Rules

Postby superpotato » Thu Jun 08, 2017 1:44 am

This maybe answered already but I dont seem to find it: How exactly do you "enforce" house rules?? and how to make it so that they dont feel offended or mistreated.

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Re: House Rules

Postby darkwing dook » Thu Jun 08, 2017 4:33 am

superpotato wrote:This maybe answered already but I dont seem to find it: How exactly do you "enforce" house rules?? and how to make it so that they dont feel offended or mistreated.

One way is to ignore them for a period of time. You might be able to ask other companions to uphold the rules. Lastly, there are subdue methods for DA spirits, as you can find in encyclopedia. There might be other methods : )

If all of these methods don't work, you might need to consult with the original conjurer, possibly rehoming them.. : /

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Re: House Rules

Postby Real4everHP » Thu Jun 29, 2017 5:40 pm

My number of bound spirits totals 17, which are pretty much equally divided between WA & DA. I consider spirits to be pretty much grownups, who generally knows better than me how to do their job. It is my experience that, for instance, a human workplace runs more smoothly with as few rules 'from the top' as possible. The fewer rules the merrier!

I have a list of seven rules, but am aware that my spirits has a couple of rules of their own that they've devised for themselves. Like when they never listen in on personal conversations between myself and any of the others. Basically, the principle is that I try not to interfere with how they organize themselves socially or otherwise, unless there's a special reason to.

I am aware that they have chosen one amongst them to be their 'first among equals' (My Toschka vampire, obviously). The seven rules are:

Get along with the others!

It will be expected of you to participate in mutual assignments and group-tasks. However, no spirit will ever be expected or asked to take part in tasks or projects, which they find to be unethical or for some reason wrong.

With regards to protection and retaliation, these are the rules of engagement:

Do whatever is necessary, and
a) Do not harm innocents
b) When faced with the choice between harming an innocent or protecting me, choose me.
c) You should do your utmost to navigate in such a way, that this choice will never be necessary

We love animals in general, cats in particular and (insert name of my deceased cat whose spirit still lingers around) above anything.

We have no rules for manifestations. Do whatever you feel is right or useful or generally prefer, only remember that freedom comes with responsibility.

We do not feed energy from my family - defined as father, sister and niece. Nor do we feed from welcome guests under my roof or others whom I care about.

It is entirely on purpose that we have such few rules. Everything runs more smoothly with freedom under responsibility, and it is also more pleasing for everyone involved.

There has been incidents when protection was needed, and their reaction was swift, fierce and outright scary for my enemies - which has ensured that they shan't be bothering me again. Also, none was hurt - unless you consider lifelong nightmares to be 'hurt'. This, despite of the fact that on the last occasion I literally game them permission to 'burn down the house if you feel like it'. They didn't.

In my experience, spirits know what they're doing and there's really no need to chain them up with an endless list of rules.

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Re: House Rules

Postby Zaman7 » Thu Jun 29, 2017 6:53 pm

superpotato wrote:This maybe answered already but I dont seem to find it: How exactly do you "enforce" house rules?? and how to make it so that they dont feel offended or mistreated.

When I started, I was too wondering how to enforce house rules. Like do I just recite them and that's it? It turns out, yes it is lol

And any spirit won't find it disrespectful-yes I had this fear too. I mean how is it that I'm just human and they are spirits that should and must be treated with respect and approached humbly. But really, they don't find it disrespectful. Any spirit who does then they're a wrong fit or need a bit of discipline and a word with the conjurer.

You really just read the rules firmly and kindly. I always tell them I'm their human companion and friend (I don't use the word keeper) and that these rules are here to help us all as a spirit family.

Though now after two years of spirit companionship, I have so little rules as I've changed my mindset and ways.
Noctifera has great posts about this:


And the mutual respect rule is my only rule now. Spirits are smart. Maybe I tell them not to manifest to others, no energy draining rule to certain spirits. But really, mutual respect rule has helped me develop a deeper relationship with my spirits.

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Re: House Rules

Postby GoldenAitvaras » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:29 pm

Any advice on how to make house rules shorter? I'm just now making house rules and currently i have 35 house rules and i think it might be too much. I'm still a beginner/novice so i don't really know the way to go about it.

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