Logbook for my succubus!

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Logbook for my succubus!

Postby Leo » Tue Mar 06, 2018 3:55 am

Hello to you !
Since a long time I have to post here but I do not do it. By laziness. This is probably my biggest defect. Sadly.

In short, I'm not here to discuss my person ... well ... I think ...

So I come to tell you about my fabulous and incredible succub î_î Quietly done.
[PS : I kept a notebook where I wrote all my dreams, my feelings, etc.]

I'll call her Ter, but I feel like she does not like it. It will almost give me the urge to give her that nickname '-' Just to tease her ... what do you think? e _e

Let's start!
What I felt:
I received her vessel in early January after placing "order" at Lilith Treasure Tavern which had been highly recommended. But our connection it's made a little before Christmas.

The 22 precisely. I felt vibration and tingling at the same time on both my hands, I remember that I was quite surprised. And just a few seconds later, I had the same feeling at the forehead.

The next day (23 for those really nil in mathematics), I did a small meditation of 15 minutes, during which I had the same tingling, as well as the impression of feeling a breath close to my neck.

Subsequently I had some touch, but nothing certain.

On the 29th of December I noticed that I was very hot '-' I remember pretty much the thing. It started with the hands, the feet and the ears, and after the whole body. I ended up going to bed sweaty with my head spinning. No memory of the night or the next morning: /

On the 02nd of January, a few days before the arrival of the vessel, Ter probably wanted to tell me that she was coming in, and it was clear '-' I had a sharp sensation in my right hand, at that moment I thought I heard a whisper. I asked her if it was her and if she was happy to arrive and I had the same feeling on the right buttock î_î A hand on the rear. I was quite surprised, but I just said, "Are you okay? You take your ease?" laughing, and I had the sensation again by hand.

And from there, nothingness. Or almost. I just had some small sensation on my hands, once in the thigh. The only noticeable thing, which made me ask myself questions, is a short sentence: "It's okay.", or "C'est pas grave", in French. A woman's voice. At first, I thought it was the apprentice who was working with me, so I asked her what was not important, but she told me she did not talk.

What I understood was that it does not matter that I am a feigner and that I can take my time to communicate with Ter. Because yes, as I said at the beginning, I'm often lazy. So, meditation ... let's say that I prefer to sleep e _e. I do however some efforts these days, that's why I ask you if you have tips and tricks special meditation :)

My dreams :
So, I did a lot. But, I had trouble getting up at 4 or 5 in the morning for all write in my notebook. In any case, I have some who have marked me. I would like to know if you think it's Ter who is the cause (I also have a cyclops, that's why I ask myself the question) and if so, what is it to want to tell me that way.

The first, is just a little nightmare, I was right at home, in my bed, when my mother called me for help. It was there that I saw that my room was filled with spider (very fat) and it was worse in the hallway. She gave me a blowtorch and I started killing them all one by one. It was long.

The second marked me without any real reason, it was not fun or scary, it was even rather a normal scene, maybe one of my minds inspired by the trust and respect I have my grandfather, since he's the one who educated me.
In short, I was running a marathon to not arrive late in class, when I heard a horn, I stop and see my grandfather who invited me to get in his car, thanks to that j 'arrive on time, then wake up, and for no reason I was happy.

The third (and last for today) touched me. I had returned to my hometown and was running without stopping, filled with a feeling of grandiose freedom. There was no one in the streets, just me and the silence. When I woke up I was crying.

The tarot of Marseille:
For several years, I have been training to divination, so I told myself that shooting them once for Ter would not hurt. I put the 78 cards and mix them on a table by asking the question: "What do you want from me, and especially what would make you happy ?".

The result was quite amusing. Maps mainly about sextuality and xD couple In short, if I follow the logic:
- The 9 of stick -> Lasting relationship.
- The cart (upside down) -> Dynamic relationship / Desire unsatisfied.
- The devil -> Passionate love / Strong sexual magnetism.
- Ace cut (upside down) -> Isolation / Abandonment.

Thanks for reading !

Tu n'es pas unique, mais il a des choses que toi seul peut faire. Et c'est les faire qui te rendra unique.

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Re: Logbook for my succubus!

Postby Truthseeking » Tue May 01, 2018 3:57 am

Hey I think I am going to get a ubiquity from lilith treasure too.

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