Money Art Ritual

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Money Art Ritual

Postby lori67k » Wed Mar 07, 2018 3:58 am

What you’ll need:
White Construction Paper

Green Felt Tip Pen plus several different colored felt tip pens[/i]
Lots of imagination 1ey the important thing is you just have fun with this 1d

STEP 1: Get a piece of white construction paper and some felt tipped pens of different colors. (Make sure you have a green one...)

STEP 2: Cut a piece of paper to the size of a $1 bill.

STEP 3: Visualize what your paper "play money" will look like and select the colors you'll include. Make sure green is one of the colors.

STEP 4: Begin to color the paper in the form of the play money you visualized. Don't worry about making little mistakes... just do the best you can.

STEP 5: As you are creating it, focus up on your desires, goals, and needs as you create this "cash bill".

STEP 6: Your bill IS your spell. If you've focused on your desires, and what you need, it will radiate power all its own...and attract prosperity to you. Hang it on the wall in plain sight in your room to draw wealth to you.

Many blessings 1ht

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