Was it real? Maybe you can help describe this

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Was it real? Maybe you can help describe this

Postby iAddison » Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:13 am

I had a state of mind being freaked out with genies for some reason.
(For whatever reason I forgot, I was reading the spirit keeping book and it was talking about how spirits just don't grant your wishes as you please, something like that)
and I really don't know where I got a genie coming into my head from. I think the book mentioned genies, I can't remember.

Trust me, I'm new to all of this so there couldn't have been a spirit nearby or anything.

That feeling of fear, I believe I had, was WOW.
I can't explain it.
I do remember feeling fear inside my body all over, like never before.

Idk. I got up, went to my kitchen, and shook it off. After that, I didn't feel anything like that again.

I really don't know what that was.
Was it a paranormal experience? My very first experience ever, in my life?
Or is this just my imagination, because I really am new to the paranormal and was not expecting anything anytime soon because I haven't even started keeping yet.

It's GOT to be just crazy me, and I apologize for this XD
Maybe this was nothing at all and I'm just being a dummy!
But that feeling I had.... unforgettable!

Still working on my meditation and finding the best meditation method for me,
before I go on keep my first spirit!

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Re: Was it real? Maybe you can help describe this

Postby OwlSpirit » Tue Mar 13, 2018 2:26 pm

Did you think about one species of Djinn in particular, or was it a mix? There could be one calling out to you but you're brushing it off as it being nothing odd.

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Re: Was it real? Maybe you can help describe this

Postby RavenConspiracy » Wed Mar 14, 2018 4:12 pm

It could be a lot of things. What is your instinct about it? That's one of the strongest indicators.

On the mundane side, it could easily be emotions associated with really getting into what you're reading. What you were reading could easily cause a growing sense of dread that you didn't notice because you were really into the book, and then it overflowed.

On the metaphysical side, it could be a lot more things. It could be that reading the book opened you up to a greater awareness, and it was frightening. That kind of thing can cause an instinctual fear, because it's quite new and overwhelming for some people, especially if you weren't expecting it.

It could have been the presence of a spirit too, sure.

Honestly it could really be a lot of things. What did you feel that it was?


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Re: Was it real? Maybe you can help describe this

Postby nuriko » Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:51 pm

Hmm.. could just be you creeping yourself out, I do it all the time, especially when I'm reading on spirits or entities that aren't technically on the positive light of things. I'll be perfectly fine alone in the dark but if I read or watch anything, I'll be fine until I think about it and then I freak myself the hell out but then the feeling will just go away. I remember reading somewhere about someone asking their companion to manifest and all they saw was a creepy white face, dark eyes, and this was a white arts spirit! I thought about that for a good minute and it almost turned me off of spirit keeping, I was even zooping around my home because I was scaring myself with that thought, so much that it felt like something was just on my heels the entire time, but it was literally just my head.

It could also be a calling. Spirits that aren't bound (even if they are bound to you sometimes!) can make you feel uneasy or creeped out even if they are a positive one, most aren't use to the energy and it can make them feel like it's a bad thing.

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