My fears of 'what's beyond' from experiences of the past, would this affect me in any way?

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My fears of 'what's beyond' from experiences of the past, would this affect me in any way?

Postby Cleric of Justice » Mon Apr 16, 2018 4:51 pm

(This should belong in paranormal experiences I've realized, if somebody can move it there would appreciate.)

So to say in my childhood memories I remember being harassed by or encountering certain beings when I was perhaps more open idk, or unless it was down to something else. From time to time there was this being with bulgy eyes, long nails, long hair (Maybe), horns and other frightening features such as a lightly red/green/blue colored body who attacked me in a half-dream and half-awake state. From this partly is where maybe my fear of dark places comes from when my mind is most open to the paranormal.

I can describe how it was like right, I woke up at one time in a state you would not know if its being awake or a dream because everything functions physically just as you would when awake. This was say when I was 5 - 10 years old maybe in the middle of the night or midnight with lots of fear, I wasn't paralyzed and can fully move my body but could not speak or yell in that state due to the fear not letting it get beyond. Then this being would appear as described above infront of the bed and I would attempt to make a run for the light switch, in which it would be quick to get to me then be onto me with its hands/claws.

I would feel a 'different' kind of pain, it might be silly to describe but it was like either something full of fear combined with a 'tickle' sensation (I know that feeling being used in a few paranormal folklore so wouldn't be surprised) after some recent research. Maybe a 'fear' based pain, then I would collapse on the ground or onto the bed and attempt to kick its face, if not then black out and wake up with a flinch in the morning.

This stopped happening when I reached teenage years or moved homes maybe idk, if not when I started looking into Christianity and learnt practices such as the sign of the cross, plus teachings on what these beings are to explain their nature which made me feel comforted. But this was a major paranormal experience I've had in my past. Along with at one time I could remember manifestations of green/red/blue light in the dark forming into energetic shapes with ghastly appearances? The reason they are etched in memory from so far back in the past is because they were major happenings.

P.S when I asked the person who's my parent whether they ever found me lying unconscious on the ground at dawn when coming to check on me some time ago, their response was "Yeah I think so." Hard to say whether that part happened in the physical but I did try to ask.

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Re: My fears of 'what's beyond' from experiences of the past, would this affect me in any way?

Postby Cup-Cakes (Battle Mage) » Wed Apr 25, 2018 4:49 am

Thankyou for this information. This has helped me understand better what they are like!


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