CH appreciation

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CH appreciation

Postby Augusta » Sat May 05, 2018 5:05 pm

Dear CH team!

Feeling extremely uplifted today - must be time for the “seller review” of CH - or rather some reverse customer appreciation :)

Was extremely lucky to grab the one of a kind Haunted Estate artefact that I was eying since January. Even bugged Magnolia to check, if the item was indeed calling me. Ended up getting it at a huge, more than 70% sale! - the item had waited for me!!! Wow!
Could it be, that Star Faery Spirits and Living Entity in my keep helped? Possibly :) since I immediately thought about them manifesting my wish...

Anyhow -

I would like to express my thanks to the entire CH support team. Being very thorough (obsessive even) customer, I must have opened more than 30 tickets with them. Each and every ticket was resolved with the UTMOST attention to details, in timely manner, and to my full satisfaction - however big or small a ticket was, even when I was bugging support about the freebies!

Juno, Nova, Willow - thank you for your outstanding patience and thoroughness!
Everything was always packaged to perfection - with clear explanations, thorough Notes, numbering of each and every item. Giovanni, Niccolo, and all - BRAVO!

Ash, Magnolia - the energy within the items from you is above and beyond my wildest dreams!

I will be working with your items for years and years to come! Just some of my favourites -

Key to All - ... o-all.html - what a great, versatile, and extremely configurable little treasure.

Ash’s DA Command - ... -0345.html - an amazing treat and helping hand for the darker practitioner!

All the Orbs are my little treasures - with Akumbi being a particularly special enjoyment . It was a great pleasure to see how the Akumbi Orb was “learning” about me for the first 30 days.

Your Services are the best there are. Believe me, I tried almost everything that is available worldwide.

Evelius - ... NSION.html - the biggest help in my journey I have had in years. It really cleared and ploughed the path!

Your “Perfectly Paired” reading and binding - you should consider bringing it in as a permanently available item! :) I am so glad, I got it when it was available as a freebie.

All Master Services are so gentle - when you work on me, I feel an exponential development - as expected. But what makes YOUR Master Services unique - is the way you “touch” while working. It is SO GENTLE, the way you handle the energy. I have the utmost respect and appreciation to the HOW factor. I personally can only dream to be able to handle energy with such a careful, feather-like touch. BRAVO!

All your Spirits are so well behaved, ready to manifest, and so greatly matched. My little family is a busy buzzing powerhouse in itself.
Responsible, polite, willing to jointly work on tasks, respectful of the House Rules. A dream A-TEAM! Even your darker DA are such gentle and caring Spirits. Lighter than me :) and with their help I became lighter (or rather better balanced within WA and DA) than I’ve been in decades!

Your Living Entities are such great helpers and teaches - didn’t expect to learn so much in such a short time from the Falwer-Niamstrum ... AGICK.html
And you reverse-pairing me with a Star Faery - ... fairy.html - top notch! That extra light in my life is most appreciated.

You set the standards sky high for each and everyone in the Arts! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication - it is most appreciated!

Truly yours

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Re: CH appreciation

Postby Mebuga » Sat May 05, 2018 6:22 pm

I think it is a very beautiful writing of appreciation. You expressed your feelings well about how satisfied you are. I agree with you about the CH support team. They are really fast and helpful. I have been here in 2 months and I also want to thank you to all support team and of course Ash and Magnolia. Much love.

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Re: CH appreciation

Postby heypanda » Sat May 05, 2018 6:32 pm

I can’t help but feel a little cynical, since the thread by a couple of others as well as myself was deleted, and it outlined the lack of customer service and answers to tickets that people discussed. I would think an apology would’ve been more acceptable than acting as if nothing had happened. It wasn’t just me who received an off response from the CH helpdesk.

I even put in that post that the monthly services otherwise were great, and I meant that. There was no need to erase the thread from existance.

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